Manchester City fit lose points for Premier League?

City commit "serious breaches" of FFP regulations between 2012 and 2016

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Di Premier League don charge Manchester City wit breaking dia financial rules afta investigation wey don dey go on for a long time.

Dem don refer di club to one independent commission over alleged breaches between 2009 and 2018, and accuse City say dem no gree co-operate wit di investigation from December 2018.

Di Premier League for statement say City breach rules wey require dem to provide “accurate financial information wey give true and fair view of di club financial position”.

Dis information bin include di club revenue, including sponsorship revenue and operating costs.

Further alleged breaches relate to rules wey require full details of manager salary – from di 2009-10 to 2012-13 seasons, wen Roberto Mancini bin dey in charge – and player salary between 2010-11 and 2015-16.

Premier League rules wey City breach

Di Premier League say City breach rules wey relate to Uefa regulations – including Financial Fair Play (FFP) – from 2013-14 to 2017-18, as well as Premier League rules on profitability and sustainability from 2015-16 to 2017-18.

“In accordance wit Premier League rule W.82.1, di Premier League confam say dem don refer a number of alleged breaches of di Premier League rules by Manchester City Football Club to a commission under Premier League rule W.3.4.

“Commission dey independent of di Premier League and member clubs. Di members of di commission go dey appointed by di independent chair of di Premier League judicial panel, in accordance wit Premier League rules W.19, W.20 and W.26.

“Di proceedings before di commission go be in accordance wit Premier League rule W.82, e go dey confidential and dem go hear am for private. Under Premier League rule W.82.2, di commission final award go dey published on di Premier League website.

“We make dis confirmation in accordance wit Premier League rule W.82.1. Di Premier League no go tok about dis matter again until further notice,” dem tok for statement.

For 2020 City bin get a two-year ban from European club competitions overturned by di Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas), afta Uefa rule say City commit “serious breaches” of FFP regulations between 2012 and 2016.

Last season City win dia sixth Premier League title since di 2008 takeover by di Abu Dhabi United Group.

Di matter neva dey end now

Manchester City

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BBC Sport sabi pesin, Simon Stone say di matter go still take time before dem reach di end.

E say on di basis say di matter don take di Premier League four years to get to dis point, make pipo no expect any resolution to di case any time soon.

Manchester City don always deny financial wrongdoing. Dia reply na say di detail wey Der Spiegel publish wen dem pass di information by Football Leaks no complete.

Wen Uefa launch dia case, City say dem no get faith in dat investigation and wen e go against dem, dem go straight to di Court of Arbitration for Sport, wia dem get clearance of wetin dem say na substantive allegations.

“Dem go need get di very best lawyers, wey go look line by line at every element of di Premier League case,” e tok.

Di charge sheet include five years of allegations wey City no gree co-operate on.

Stone say “di whole tin gi dey expensive and e go drag on”.

Wetin fit happun to City

City manager Pep Guardiola dey always tok say im don get assuarance from im employers say dem neva do any tin wrong.

If City win di case, legally, dem go dey cleared, even if dem go still dey monitor dem.

If dem lose, dem go chop all manner of punishments.

Di Premier League scope in dat sense dey completely open-ended and nobody fit predict wetin fit happun.

City reputation – and di reputation of doz wey get am – dey on di line. Di outcome, wenever e come out, go dey very interesting.

For example, di punishment for breaching W.51 na:

  • To correct di club.
  • Impose fine unlimited in amount and suspend any part thereof of di club
  • Suspend di club from playing in League Matches or any matches in competitions wey form part of di Games Programmes or Professional Development Leagues (as doz terms dey defined in di Youth Development Rules) for such period as dem wish;
  • Deduct points dem score or to be scored in League Matches or such oda matches referred to in Rule W.51.4.1
  • Recommend make di Board order League Match or such oda match as e dey for Rule W.51.4.1 to be replayed; and/ or W.51.4.4. recommend make di League expel di Respondent from membership in accordance wit di provisions of Rule B.6;
  • Order di Respondent to pay compensation unlimited in amount to any Pesin or to any Club (or club);
  • Cancel or refuse di registration of a Player wey dey registered or attempted to be registered in contravention of di Rules;
  • Impose upon di Respondent any combination of di foregoing or such oda penalty as dem like.
  • Make any such penalty conditional, including imposing di penalty unless dem take a defined action by di Respondent within a defined period of time;
  • Order di Respondent to pay money by way of costs as wey fit include di fees and expenses of members of di Commission;
  • Make any oda order as dem like.

We want make dis mata end

Manchester City say dem dey surprised by di Premier League report of financial breaches.

Di Club for statement dem release in reaction to di breach of fair play rules say dem like as di Premier League refer di matter to a commission wey go torchlight di allegations.

“Manchester City FC dey surprised by di issuing of diz alleged breaches of di Premier League Rules, particularly given di extensive engagement and vast amount of detailed materials wey dey dem don provide di EPL wit.

“Di Club welcome di review of dis matter by independent Commission, to impartially consider di evidence wey exist in support of dia position.

“As such we look forward to dis matter to end once and for all,” di statement tok.

Financial fair play rules

Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules na rule wey European football governing body Uefa put to caution how clubs dey spend money, especially on players.

For September 2022, Uefa fine Paris Saint-Germain, Inter Milan and Juventus and oda clubs for breaching of Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules.

Na PSG get di highest fine of 10 million euros ($10m) while Roma, AC Milan, Besiktas, Marseille and Monaco also chop punishment.

Uefa impose di fines afta analysis of di financial years from 2018 to 2022 by UEFA Club Financial Control Body find dem guilty of failing to comply wit di “break-even requirement”.

For January 2023, Italy football federation (FIGC) deduct 15 points from Juventus afta investigation into di club past transfer dealings.

Di federation accuse di Serie A giants of fixing dia balance sheets by artificial gains from club transfers.

Juventus bin dey in third place but di punishment make dem drop to 10th position.