From pleasure to pain in da oda room, wetin you need know about penile fracture

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Research show say many cases of penile fracture na due to vigorous sexual activity

Penile fracture na medical condition among men wey be breaking of an erect penis – wen di penis break as e dey erect.

Consultant Urologist wit di University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital UPTH Prof Onyeanunam Ekeke say dis na common ailment among men and e good make dem seek medical attention sharp-sharp wen e happen.

E explain say di penis get some cylinders wey get tough tissue wey surround am.

“Two of dis cylinders na im dey support am wen e dey erect as wen dis cylinders dey inflated wit blood, e become very tough (erection) and di tissue around go become thin so any forceful bending of di penis go lead to a breakage wey be penile fracture,” e tok.

Prof. Ekeke say recent records show say for di UK, dem operate on 169 cases of penile fracture within di last one year of 2022.

For UPTH, between October 2022 and January 2023, dem don see six cases.

For di study wey Prof Ekeke and im team for di Urology department carry out for UPTH between 2007 and 2015, dem see 21 cases; nine of di patients dey married while 12 no dey married. 7 of di injuries dey self-inflicted from masturbation.

“In 14 cases, penile fracture occur when di patients bin dey wit dia partners. Of these, di event happen during sex wit women: dia wives na di partner in 7 cases while 5 of dem na wit dia girlfriends,” e tok.

E add say di reason why penile fracture dey happen dey vary for differrent regions as for di Middle East and some Arabian kontries, e dey common sake of some cultural practice wey involve bending di top part of di erect penis while holding di lower part of di shaft in place, until dem hear or feel a click.

Di Prof say “For America and some oda western kontries, due to di use of a lot of performance enhancing drugs, penile fracture also dey common among di young age group.

“For Nigeria, di cases dem dey see dey mostly becos of vigorous sexual activities among di 21 and 45 age group wit a mean age of about 34 years wia e dey most common.

“Very few cases dey reported among di elderly ones but di main issues for dem na more of erectile dysfunction problem than penile fractures.”

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Early treatment for penile fracture dey important with satisfactory recovery

Dangers if patient no get treatment on time

Couples wey dey discuss

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Sake of di erection problem, e fit also bring marital palava for di oda room.

Prof Ekeke observe say many pipo wey dey suffer penile fracture no dey gree come forward for treatment becos dem dey shame or dey feel shy and dis na big danger.

Becos penile fracture dey cause crack for di cylinder wey make up di penis, Prof. Ekeke say if dem no come take proper treatment and e heal, e go cause a bump wey fit disfigure di penis to make am bend go one side and get some degree of bumps.

If di injury extend to di urethra, wey be di place wey dey allow urine to pass, e fit lead to strictures wey be say e go block and dem no go fit pass urine.

Also e fit lead to erection problem later as di man go find am difficult to get erection later.

Sake of di erection problem, e fit also bring marital palava for di oda room.

Different ways penile fracture fit happen

Prof. Ekeke say dia research show say many patients wey dey get penile fracture dey happen for “di oda room outside dia matrimonial bed.”

E say many times, e dey reported to happen during sex for lifts, for cars and unusual places wia pipo dey do sex.

“Doz ones wey dey outside, a lot of times dem dey in a hurry and dis hurrying fit be a problem or dem don take some performance enhancing drugs to impress whoever dem dey meet outside to prove say dem dey very active and such fit contribute.”

But e no dey limited to pipo wey dey do extramarital affairs as e dey also happen among married pipo and among single pipo too.

Some ways wey dis penile dey happen include:

  1. Vigorous sexual activity/position: Among di married pipo, dem find say e dey happen due to over- enthusiastic or vigorous sexual activity. Di position also dey important. Doz wey dey go from di back fit miss di target and hit di penis against di bone around di pelvis wey fit fracture di penis.
    E get anoda position dem call ‘woman-on-top’, if dem do vigorous movements, e fit also cause di penis bending.
  2. Forceful masturbation: For those wey never marry, dem fit dey do masturbation and forcefully bend di penis and e fit cause am injure demsef.
  3. Roll over erection: Sometimes men fit roll over dia early morning erection for bed and hit di penis by di bedside and injure demsefs.
  4. Wen a man forcefully tuck in di erect penis into im underwear or pants, e fit lead to forceful bending.
  5. Rape: Prof. Ekeke add say dem don see incidents of penile fracture for rape and husband abuse wey be say, di man want sex but di woman no agree and forcefully comot am and e result to di injury.

“For di incidents wey dey sex related, we advise dem to dey cautious, do softly-softly. Make dem no dey over- ambitious as sex na something wey suppose dey pleasurable, e no suppose bring pain in da oda room.”

Treatment for penile fracture

Prof Ekeke say di condition dey easily treated with very satisfactory results.

E say di first part of di treatment na emergency treatment and di later part na di counselling wey dey follow am.

For di emergency treatment, such patients normally dey anxious and in pain so dem dey mostly relieve di pain and counsel di pesin before dem go take am enter theatre for operation wey go correct am.

If e involve di urethra, di operation go also repair am but dem go leave a catheter to allow healing and also give di patient sometin to prevent erection becos if dem get erection, e go cause further pain.

“Di oda part of di treatment na di counselling. For example doz ones wey dey involved in extra marital affair, we dey counsel dem along dat line. Di one wey dey due to performance enhancing drugs, we dey let dem know say dat no be di best and sometimes we go refer dem to psychiatrist wey fit help dem come out of dat drug habit.

“Di ones wey dey fear or feel ashamed and dey get psychological trauma sake of wetin dem do, we also send dem for counselling. Overall di treatment dey satisfactory.”

Di Consultant Urologist add say dem usually advise patients to wait six to eight weeks to recover fully before dem resume sexual activity.

If di fracture no involve di urethra, e fit be 3 to 6 weeks but if e affect di urethra, recovery fit take a longer time, e tok.

Side effects dey afta di procedure?

Most procedures get possible for side effects.

Di National Health Service for UK di post-surgery complications no dey strange.

For dia summary on penile injury repair di NHS say majority of patients no dey suffer any problems afta urological procedure.