I go APC to study dem, now I don graduate – Lagos PDP govnorship candidate

Govnorship candidate of di Peoples Democratic Party for Lagos state Olajide Adediran wey pipo sabi as Jandor don tok say na im be di best candidate to be di next govnor of di state sake of say im don gada di right experience to do di work.

For interview wit BBC Pidgin, di governorship candidate say im don waka all di corners of Lagos and im sabi wetin di problem of di pipo be.

“You fit imagine say pesin don begin waka dis Lagos say e wan be govnor, e go be like eight years now, no be just to sidon for dat chair say you be govnor, but to sabi all di corner-corner wey dey Lagos all di issues wey dey confront Lagos”.

Oga Jandor say among all di pipo wey dey contest for Lagos govnor seat dis time around n aim sabi past. E say even di present govnor no fit say e sabi dis Lagos pass am.

“You know say e dey easier to run dan to run di office, we don waka all di corner of dis lagos so we sabi wetin di pipo dey face, dat one don prepare me”.

E tok about di traffic wahala wey dey Lagos state as one of di tins wey im get mind to first tackle if e enter office.

E say some roads no need expansion and some no need flyover, na to sabi wetin dey needed for each road.

“Road wey motor dey plenti, if any motor get small problem for road imagine di build up wey go dey behind am, bifo now, we get LRU wey dey help pick moto from wia e break down to wia you want make dem drop am but today no be so e be dem go just carry you arrest you”.

Jandor say flood issues wey dey confront Lagos be anoda tin wey im wan tackle.

“E dey unfortunate say since dis goment don dey dia for over 24 years now we get just six of dis canal and those of dis six canal dem no dey clear am, dem go just collect moni and notin go happun”.

E say by now di state suppose don dey tok about 15 to 16 of those kind canals.

‘Agbero and security for Lagos’

Oga Jandor say di issue of touts wey pipo know as ‘agberos’ and traffic robbery na sometin wey go be tin of di past.

E add say security generally for Lagos na to make sure say trust dey between goment and citizens.

“If as govnor I say dis na my phone number any time you notice any kurukere waka for your area send me a message.

“And one pesin try am two pesin try am police pipo come cos I go work on am dem go get confidence. So we go start policing ourselves first to provide dat security”.

Decentralisation of Infrastructure

Di PDP govnorship candidate tok say decentralisation of Lagos infrastructure na good way to make pipo work close to dia house.

“If you give pipo wetin dem need to go do for ikeja for dia domot I sure say dem go stay dia nobody wan stress”.

For unemployment mata Oga Jandor say di solution to di problem of no job to give di kain environment wey allow private sectors to grow.

“Like di goment wey we get now dem do budget but, dem spend am finish no development, and na only development fit give pipo work”.

E also tok about water problem for Lagos, “we go bring back di water infrastructure wey bin dey Lagos becos say na serious mata if clean water no dey we go get health issue becos goment no provide water just like di way everibodi dey provide security for demsleves sake of say goment no provide security”.

Inter party politics

Oga Jandor bin answer kwesion on why im dey always throw shade to di All Progressives Congress for any opportunity wey im get.

“I be one of dem before but wen I dey dia I no contest election, I no collect appointment e just be like say I go dia go study how dem dey do am and now I don graduate I don come wia I believe say we fit do am differently”.

“If I throw shade, I throw shae on di tin wey dem no do well now and say make we do am well, n aim be dat, dat one na di politics na”.

Oga Jandor finally tok say di tin wey dey unique about why e wan be govnor be to make sure say Lagos moni work forLagos pipo.

“Dem say Lagos get moni we no fit see am for our street, we no fit see am for our daily lives, we wan collect di moni from one man pocket put am for evri bodi pocket”PD.