Who go win BBNaija Season seven? – Highlights of di show

By Tunde Ososanya

Di season 7 of di Big Brother Naija reality TV show tagged Level Up go end on Sunday 2, October 2022 and di winner go walk away wit di grand prize of 100 million naira.

Dis year Big Brother Naija launch on 23 and 24 July 2022 and Biggie admit 24 housemates inside di house to compete for di prize as im separate dem into Level 1 and Level 2 houses for di first few weeks of di show before e later collapse di levels.

Big Brother Naija na social experiment wey dey always generate conversation between pipo wey believe say na show wey no dey pass on useful information and odas wey believe say di reality TV show na beta show wey dey create opportunities for housemates to showcase dia talents and promote diasef.

Despite di criticism, di reality TV show dey increase dia grand prize every year and experiment wit new ideas to make di show more attractive to dia target audience.

Dis year finalists get eight housemates but na only six of dem be real housemates while di oda two na riders.

Di six housemates wey dey contest for di 100 million naira grand prize na Bella, Bryann, Adekunle, Phyna, Chichi and Daniella.

Di riders na Rachel and Chizzy. E mean say both of dem no dey contest for di grand prize.

Dis na some of di highlights from di season 7 of di show.

Strikes for Big Brother Season 7

Beauty na di first housemate to get strike for Big Brother Naija Level Up sake of say she attack her fellow housemate Ilebaye ontop qwanta dia two bin get.

Wen Ilebaye tell am to caution herself wen she bin dey raise her voice, Beauty go meet am for wia she siddon and remove her wig and cap, action wey give am her first strike for di house.

Oda pipo wey go on to get strike for di show na Amaka, Sheggz and Bella.

‘Fastest disqualification’

Beauty na di only housemate for di Big Brother Naija Level Up to get disqualified from di show.

Di 2019 Miss Nigeria chop disqualification afta Biggie give am a total of three strikes.

She get di second set of strikes sake of say she throw her wig and glasses at Groovy. Dis one happun one week afta di first strike wey she get.

Wetin cause di kasala be say Beauty love interest, Groovy bin dance wit Chomzy, anoda babe for one of dia Saturday night parties and e vex di former Miss Nigeria.

Sailing and sinking ships

No season of Big Brother Naija wey no dey involve ships – na wetin fans dey call relationships for di house. Di Level Up season no dey left out.

Ships no be only love relationship among housemates, e fit also be friendship and ‘siblingship’.

Bella and Sheggz

Bella and Sheggz aka Mr and Mrs Ikoyi na di most talked about ships and most consistent for di season seven show.

Some pipo wey feel Sheggz no dey give Bella di respect wey she deserve bin hope say di Shella ship go sink but di two housemates no fit do witout each oda from start till wen Sheggz comot for di 9th week – a week to di finale.

Even though dem dey get issues well-well, dem dey always settle dia issue as both of dem admit say dem no perfect and dem still dey get to know each oda.

Di Beauty, Groovy and Phyna ship

Beauty and Groovy ship na one of di early ships for dis year Big Brother Naija, but unfortunately di ship sink before e sail far as e all end wen Beauty dey disqualified afta she qwanta wit Groovy ontop accuse say she dance wit Chomzy.

However, afta Beauty dey disqualified, e no tey wey Groovy move on wit anoda housemate Phyna for di show.

Dat situation cause tok-tok among fans.

Di Khalid, Daniella and Dotun situationship

Khalid and Daniella ship popularly called Khaniella bin sail wella and di housemates bin get pipo talking wit dia moments for di house.

Afta Khalid chop eviction from di Big Brother Naija Level Up house however, Daniella get some moments wit Dotun wey later confam to Ebuka – di host of di show – afta dem evict am say im get feelings for Daniella.

Hermes and Allysyn ship

Hermes and Allysyn also start dia own ship for di house even though Hermes don openly tok about im two girlfriends outside di house.

Pipo pick interest as Hermes na one of di housemates wey ginger well-well for di season.

Elloswag and Chomzy ship?

Eloswag and Chomzy ship dey confuse pipo sometimes sake of say dem put each oda for friend zone but e also get time wey di housemates become close.

Despite say dia relationship no dey defined, di two housemates care about each oda and Eloswag dey always stand up to defend Chomzy anytime, any day.

Twists for di season 7 show

Asides di fact say di housemates go compete for fans dia love to fit win di grand prize, dem also need to navigate well-well all di twists and turns Biggie dey most times introduce to di show.

Na one of such twists cause Amaka – wey bin dey quite popular wit fans her eviction wey shock pipo.

Biggie bin ask housemates to nominate two fellow housemates for immediate eviction and di housemate wey dem nominate pass na Amaka.

Na six of di housemates nominate Amaka and Biggie immediately send am packing from di Big Brother Naija Level Up house on a day wey no be eviction day normally.

Some of di oda twists na di level three house biggie introduce to hide housemates wey chop eviction for some days – Doyin, Eloswag and Chomzy before e return dem to di main house and before e tell dem bye-bye.

Anoda and perhaps di most impactful twist na di one wey give Chi-chi di power to to save two pipo and automatically level dem up to di final week wen she win Head of House. She pick Phyna and Daniella.

Anoda twist for di show na di introduction of fake housemates and riders.

Biggie bring in Deji and Modella as fake housemates wey later leave.

Biggie also introduce for di first time di concept of riders.

Di riders be Chizy and Rachael but di difference between dem and di fake housemates na say dem get di opportunity to stay till di end of di show even if dem no compete for di grand prize.

Why so much noise about ‘Africa biggest reality show’?

Big Brother Naija na di Nigerian Franchise of di reality show Big Brother.

Na reality show wia contestants dey live for isolated house and dey compete for a large cash prize by avoiding eviction by di viewers.

Some analysts say BBNaija na Africa biggest reality show.

Na MultiChoice Nigeria dey organise am.

But di show dey draw criticisms say na big distraction for di youths and some pipo dey against am for not promoting ‘morality’.

But every year – during di months e dey air, e dey dominate social media conversations on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere.

During di period e dey on, Big Brother Naija dey drive engagements and conversations for social media even as much as politics.

Di programme dey air not only for Nigeria, but for 48 oda African kontries, to an average audience of 309 million viewers according to DSTV media sales figures.

With peak viewing for di beginning of di programme, some eviction shows, and di finale.

Meet di finalists wey dey compete for di N100 million grand prize


Daniella na 22-year-old native of Cross River State, south-south Nigeria. She be poet and spoken word artist.

Her fans dey known as Dynamites.


Phyna wey her real name na Ijeoma Josephine Otabor na actress from Edo State, south-south Nigeria.

She be first class graduate of Engineering from Auchi Polytechnic, Edo State.

Phyna say she dey also dey do hype-woman for clubs.


Twenty-two-year-old Brian Chkuwuebuka Chiji aka Bryann na singer and songwriter.


Bella na 25-year-old University of Lagos graduate and content creator.


Chinenyenwa Desire Okoebor na 22-year-old na exotic dancer by night and chef by day. She come from Edo State, south-south Nigeria.


Adekunle Tobilola Olopade na 27-year-old digital marketing consultant from Lagos.