Bogoso explosion: Ghana authorities say 17 pipo die and 60 injure for incident near di mining town

At least 17 pipo don die and like 60 injure afta one ogbonge explosion hapun near di mining town of Bogoso, for di west of Ghana.

Ministry of Information confam am as at 5:00pmon Thursday.

Dis dey bring de total number of people involved so far to 76.

Officials say out of de 59 injured persons, 42 dey receive treatment while others dey in critical condition.

Di huge explosion happun on Thursday afternoon for Apiate between Bogoso and Bawdie for Ghana Western Region.

Ghana Police Service confam am for inside statement dem release say dem don activate full emergency recovery exercise.

How de explosion happen

Preliminary reports wey police officials release be say de accident happen sake of crash between vehicle which dey carry mining explosives, motorcycle den a third vehicle close to electricity transformer cause de huge explosion.

Inside videos wey dey circulate for social media, you go see as one one truck dey burn in de middle of de road wey people dey video de incident dey walk towards am.

While dem dey approach de burning truck, de tin just explode with a loud bang.

“De Police and other emergency service providers don activate full emergency recovery exercise,” Police tok.

Authority say dem don rescue most of di victims and dem dey on admission for different hospitals and clinics within the Bogoso Municipality.

“We ask all to remain calm as we manage dis unfortunate situation.”

Dem don dispatch resources and personnel to di area to assist in di handling of di incident.

Meanwhile Ghana police ask public to move out of di area to nearby towns for dia safety while recovery efforts still dey underway.

Dem also make appeal to nearby towns to open up dia classrooms, churches and di rest to accommodate surviving victims.

Na one huge cracker cause di explosion


Ghana President react to di explosion

President Nana Akufo-Addo say dem no go spare any effort to ensure di rapid return of normalcy for di residents of Apiate.

E tok am as im extend deep condolence to di families of pipo wey die inside di gas explosion wey happun for Bogoso, Western Region on Thursday.

E also wish pipo wey injure, speedy recovery inside statement wey im release on Facebook.

“I just receive a briefing on di circumstances wey lead to an explosion for Apiate near Bogoso, for di Western Region, wey result in loss of lives and di destruction of properties belonging to residents.”

“E dey truly sad, unfortunate and tragic incident”, President Akufo Addo tok.

Di president say im don order di National Disaster Management Organisation to shapely bring rapid relief to resident of di town.