Resident Doctors Strike Update: Why Nigerian doctors begin indefinite strike and how e fit affect di kontri pipo

Doctors for work for Nigeria

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NARD don dey threaten dis particular strike since May

Di resident doctors for Nigeria don start dia indefinite strike on Monday, 2nd August.

Na so National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) tok dis one for statement sat dia members dey go “total indefinite strike action”.

Dem also accuse di goment of wuru-wuru in di how dem take work on one previous agreement di joinbodi bin make with dem.

Dem say di reason for dia strike action na on top di poor pay and how payment give house officers no dey come regularly.

Dis strike dey come as Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari don travel go United Kingdom for routine checkup.

Dis na as NARD don dey threaten say dem go go on strike since di ending of May.

Dis no go be di first time di Resident doctors don go on strike.

Some of dia demands

  • Domestication of di medical residency training act wey National Assembly pass. Dis act suppose regulate Residency training of doctor for Nigeria so dem go produce specialists for different medical fields.
  • Payment of di Covid-19 inducement hazard allowance wey goment still wey owe Resident doctors and oda medical workers
  • Proper placement of doctors on di salary scale because goment never dey pay doctors di wage adjusted CONMES 2019 salary scale.

Wetin go be di effects of di strike action?

Nigerian medical community don dey hala say dis go affect hospital operations as resident doctors na di first doctors dem dey meet for hospital.

Di last time resident doctors bin strike, hospitals for di kontri bin need to send some patients wey come hospital go house on top say doctor bin no dey to see dem.

Resident doctors dey occupy di larger percentage of doctors for any hospital. Dia absence fit make plenti patients miss dia appointments with doctors and e fit lead to death of some patients wey fit need emergency response from resident doctors.

Most times when dis kain strike happun, pipo wey dey gain na di private hospitals as di strike no dey affect dem and plenti patients go dey come to dem.

Now, tori be say Covid 19 new infections don dey on di rise again. As at Monday, di Nigeria Centre for Disease Control announce say dem don get 407 new cases of di virus.

How di strike don dey hold for around di Kontri


Resident doctors for hospitals in Lagos Nigeria don start indefinite strike until goment meet dia demands.

Our reporter wey visit LASUTH one of di goment hospitals for Lagos confirm say di resident doctors stop to dey attend to patients from 8am Monday morning.

Secretary of resident doctors for LASUTH Dr Salman Abbeb tell BBC pidgin say dem don engage goment plenti times but goment no wan meet dia demands na im make dem decide to strike.

E say dia demands include make goment cancel plan to remove house officers and NYSC doctors, Immediate payment of medical residency training fund.

LASUTH hospital

Resident doctors stop to dey ansa patient from 8am on Monday morning

“We dey short staffed and we want massive recruitment of doctors to reduce di plenti work wey dey our hand. We want make dem start accommodation project for resident doctors” Na so doctor Salman tok.

Some patients wey tok to our reporter inside di hospital premises tok say dem tell dem to go home say doctors dey go strike.

As at press time, patients still dey troupe into LASUTH to collect treatment despite di announced strike.


Resident doctors for di State owned Rivers State University Teaching Hospital and University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hopsital also don join di ongoing strike action by Resident doctors.

Member, National Executive Council of di Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors and President, Association of Residential Doctors for Rivers State University Teaching Hospital Dr. George Matthew Ela, tell BBC Pidgin say di strike dey happen because Federal Goment never fulfil dia promise to meet dia demands wey include.

Resident doctors for di Rivers State University Teaching Hospital and University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hopsital also don join di ongoing strike by Resident doctors for Nigeria


Dr. Ela say dem sympathise wit patients but make evribodi put mouth make Goment do wetin dem promise because e dey affect doctors badly.

“Resident doctors naim form di bulk of doctors for hospital so dia welfare suppose dey addressed.

Because our welfare no dey address, many many doctors don dey comot from di country go find better work outside di country and dis dey increase di stress and work load wey di few doctors wey remain dey face.

As we dey tok, many medical doctors dey experience ‘burn out’ because di rate of depression and suicide rate don increase among doctors and Resident doctors dey dia breaking point across di nation both for Federal and State Tertiary health institutions so we dey beg di both di Federal and State Goments to look inside di welfare issues di Resident doctors dey face.


Imo State University Teaching Hospital Orlu (IMSUTH)


Resident doctors for Imo State University Teaching Hospital Orlu (IMSUTH) chapter doin follow join di nationwide strike as dia joinbody bin direct.

Di president of di chapter Doctor Chima Edward tell BBC Pidgin say di Federal goment don fail to meet di agreement wey make dem suspend dia strike before.

Di doctors don put dia services on hold.

Times wey Resident Doctors don strike ontop poor pay

April, 2021

Di National Association of Resident Doctors bin strike for ten days just four months ago.

Dem say di cause of di April 1st strike na sake of dem bin want dia payment of outstanding salaries, review to see if dem go fit increase hazard pay.

Howeva dem call of di strike by April 10.

September 2020:

NARD bin start one indefinite strike nationwide from September 7th on top Covid 19 Hazard pay and also say dem no get beta personal protective equipment plus life

Di Nigerian medical community bin hala on top di proposed strike say di time dem bin announce am bin fall for bad time, as dem bin dey anticipate di second wave of Covid 19 for di kontri.

All in all, tori be say dem call of di strike for September 10, four days afta dem bin star am.

Nigerian hospital

For June, hospitals send patinets go back house during strike action

June 2020

NARD start dia strike for June 15 to protest di death of dia colleagues from Covid 19, on top lack of beta PPEs .

Dem also protest di sack of 26 resident doctors for Jos University Teaching Hospital as well as di cut in salaries for doctors for Kaduna.

Tori be sa dem call out di strike by June 22.