‘Coronavirus dey real, e happun to me’- Nigerian nurse wey catch Covid-19

Nurse dey inside

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One Nigerian nurse wey dey live for America, tell BBC about how she, her two pikin and husband dey cope wit Covid-19 wey she catch for work.

Madam Chin Onu (no be her real name) follow BBC Igbo tok ontop phone on 24 March.

Dis na her tori:

My name na Chi Onu, I dey live for New York.

For here almost everybody get di virus.

I bin attend to one patient wey come to di hospital come treat anoda sickness, but afta test, we see say im get coronavirus.

Because of how my job (nurse) be, I bin go do testing so as not to transfer di virus to oda patients wey no get am.

My test come out positive, so I begin isolate.

E don reach 13 days now since when result comot say I get di virus, but me and my family no experience any symptoms at all.

Coronavirus Tips: Face mask fit protect you from Covid-19
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I get two pikin and husband too, and I don touch well-well even before I find out say I get di virus. No one from my family show any symptom.

But oda pipo dey wey di virus attack shake pass odas, like pipo wey get heart or lung condition, pipo with breathing problem, cancer patients, pipo wey dia immune system weak. Di virus dey hook dem well-well.

Na di reason why I advise pipo not to panic, but make dem dey careful, because fear-fear fit lead to breathing problem and one fit even begin tink say im get coronavirus. If pesin wey im mind already dey up catch coronavirus, e fit dey serious. We see dis everytime.

To chop beta food dey recommended during dis period: vegetable, orange, tangerine, all di fruit wey pesin fit see chop. Do u-turn when you see cold drink and ice cream, because dem dey bring condition wey fit make di virus ginger and grow. Even before I catch di virus, my family don dey use nose suck steam from hot water for house.

I bin go for scan dis morning and di result show say my lungs and chest dey clear and di virus no reach any oda place for my body. In two days times I go go do test to check if I still get di virus, but I dey hope say I no go get am again as e go don pass 14 days.


Dis na wetin di Coronavirus alias Covid-19 disease dey like for inside pesin bodi.

Coronavirus dey real, e happun to me, my colleagues and many oda patients I dey look after. E dey real. Pipo don die, many odas don survive.

Make everybodi obey di order to stay for house and practise social distancing to prevent di spread of di disease. I no experience serious symptoms but that one no mean say I no fit infect odas wey fit get serious symptoms or even die. Dis na why we stay for house.

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But di tin be say, when test don come out negative for me, I go go back to my job, wey be to save lives.

Dis tori na di personal experience of di pesin wey tok am. Dis no be medical advice or solution for any sickness.