Aunty Ramota do BBL surgery operation? Wetin we know

Recently viral footage ontop internet show di health condition of popular actress, Ramota Adetu, wey pipo sabi as Aunty Ramota.

Social media users dey tok say she go do BBL surgery to increase di size of her bum-bum.

Footages on di internet show as dem dey carry Aunty Ramota enta hospital room for treatment.

Pipo dey believe say Aunty Ramota go do operation for one hospital for Ikorodu make her bum-bum big, wey pipo dey call BBL.

Dis no be di first time wey news go spread say Aunty Ramota don undergo surgery on di internet.

Some pipo, especially fans of di actress no believe di news – dem describe am as mere acting for movie role.

Similarly, many of Aunty Ramota colleague believe say di videos and news about di BBL surgery wey Aunty Ramota do na from movie.

Ganiyu Kehinde Morufu, wey pipo sabi as Ijoba Lande tell BBC say im no happy about di news becos na just movie role.

Ijoba Lande na one of di pipo wey dey always follow Aunty Ramota do different contents and movies.

“I dey worry becos I contact Aboki wey dey wit Ramota weda dis na for fun, e tok say na fun,” e tok.

“I no fit sleep for night becos wen I first see di news, I no believe am and pipo dey cal me to find out wetin happun.

“Me and Ramota live togada and we dey dey togada many times.

“I try to do research but na in vain. I contact one Ramota friend on Instagram say wetin happun, I beg am make im tell me weda na rumor or true.

“Dis morning, her mama call me to explain everitin wey dey ontop social media.

“I neva see dis bifor. Everitin you dey see na just movie.”

Aunty Ramota biography

Ramota Adetu, wey pipo sabi as Aunty Ramota, dem born am for Ikorodu, Lagos state, in 1981.

She be forty-three years woman, wey dem born wit rare condition wey no make am grow, she look small like pikin.

Aunty Ramota mama die three years ago, and pipo no sabi her papa.

Ramota na Yoruba nollywood actress, and comic content creator.

Aunty Ramota don feature in movies wey include di popular Anikulapo.