Wetin you need to sabi about Lagos state law on land and demolition

Wen you wan buy land or house for Lagos state you go need make some legal waka to acquire your Certificate of Occupancy “CofO” to buy goment approved land for Lagos to avoid demolition.

Skincare inluencer Quenneth ‘Lashiskin’ ontop her Instagram page wit tears for her eyes claim say authorities demolish her house wey she buy two months ago.

Inside one viral video, di beautician lament say she receive demolition notification.

“We buy di property for February, we don stay dia for two months,” she claim.

“All di hard work, all di sleepless nights, everytin… If you dey for Lagos, you know how much property cost for Eti Osa.”

Di problem wey Lashiskin get don make pipo begin ask ask kweshions about di demolition exercise wey dey happun for Lagos.

But dis no be di first time, as goment don recently demolish houses based on claims say di houses illegally dey on top water surface.

Inside one interview wit Arise TV, Tokunbo Wahab commissioner for environment in Lagos state sympathise wit di victims but e expalin say na for di safety of di citizens dey make dem demolish illegal occupant of land wey goment no approve for “CofO”

Based on BBC checks on Lagos State Land Burea website; Certificate of Occupancy “CofO” for residential building (Individual Certificate of Occupancy) get fixed term years of 99 years of use afta you don get di certificate.

Agricultural Certificate of Occupancy, if you wan go into farming, get 25 to 28 years “CofO” tenure wey you fit lay claim to di property and Industrial “CofO” e get 35 years tenure.

Wen you wan buy property for Lagos you go need find out weda di property wey you wan buy na for residential, agricultural or Industrial land.

In dis case you go know di purpose for di land from di survey plan.

Legal process wey you fit acquire goment approved land

According to Lagos State Land Bureau, you go need follow some steps to acquire goment approved residential land.

For di application you go need visit di office of the Surveyor General of Lagos State to know di charting perimeter survey plan for di land; you go need to ascertain if di land dey free from goment acquisition also ascertain if di property dey witin di original survey plan wey goment don approve.

Den di document go return to di Lands Bureau den you fit proceed wit di “CofO” processing. You go need application letter for di issuance of new Certificate

4 (four ) copies of passport photograph

Valid means of Identification of di Applicant

Letter of authority

Original and photocopy of payment receipt for di application form; consent fee, stamp duty, tax, registration fee, Business premises charge (if na industrial land) and neigbourhood improvement charge.

Original and photocopy of payment receipt for di allocated land.

Afta dis process you go need di govnor consent through di appropriate ministry for di govnor signature.

Requirement for di govnor consent include;

Complete Land Form 1C

Certified True Copy (CTC) of root of title

Deeds of transfer (3Nos.) wit clear survey plans attached.

Four Passport photographs (5×5) wit white background

Certificate of Incorporation for Company and form showing particulars of directors.

Site photographs wit date

Site Location Sketch.

Receipt of payment for NGN 10,500.00 (Charting, endorsement and form 1C).

Letter of Authority by di applicant and means of identification

Functional telephone line and e-mail address

Also, di state commissioner for Physical Planning & Urban Devt Olumide Oluyinka explain say whoever wan buy land must first clear di land use purpose for di land from goment office bifor dem buy di land becos goment no go give dem approval.

Di commissioner explain say some lands na agric lands and dem no fit get approval for residential becos no be di purposse of di land.

E explain say pipo need to get dia plan lay out before dem go seek approval from goment.

E say some pipo no sabi wetin dem dey buy before omo onile pipo sell land to dem

Di commissioner tok say dia ministry don get mobile police officers wey dey work wit dem to arrest land grabbers wey dem sell illegal land give victims.