Will Smith: American actor remix for Joyner Lucas gbedu dey ‘burst pipo brain’

Will Smith dey rap for di 2018 World Cup closing ceremony

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Will Smith don win four grammies

Will Smith don enta studio again, dis time for gbedu wey American rapper, Joyner Lucas sing wey dem call “Will (remix)”.

Oga Joyner comot di song for Thursday, 14 May, one month afta e comot di first “Will”, wey feature all di feems wey Will Smith don do for im career.

Will Smith enta di song to tok why e be like e be as at now even as Joyner Lucas dey look up to am.

Di mata say Will Smith rap sweet pipo for social media on top say e follow as e bin dey before-before wey im no dey cause for im songs.

Di last time pipo hear from di “Fresh Prince” na di song im comot with afta e cover im pikin Jada Smith song, “Icon” for 2018.

Di four time Grammy award winner don sell about sixty million records for im career,

Dis days Will Smith dey focus on im youtube channel wey scata internet when im go sky diving at age fifty and don drop new feems dem like Gemini Man. Alaadin and Bad Boys for Life.