How human activities dey threaten di ocean – Expert tok

Which problems our oceans dey face?
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Di World Oceans Day na international celebration wey dem dey observe on 8 June to remind pipo of di major role di ocean get for evri day life.

Nigeria follow participate for dis celebration through different organisations wey focus on di safety of di oceans.

Di tin no be to participate for di yearly event, di main challenge na human activities wey dey threaten di ocean, na so one sabi pesin for environment, Olalekan Bakari tok.

E say human beings dey knowingly and unknowingly do tins wey get long term effect to di ocean wey go fit come back come affect pipo immediate environment.

Di theme for dis year World Oceans Day na Planet Oceans: ‘Tides dey change’.

Why di oceans dey under threat?

According to research wey come out at di beginning of 2020, oceans across di world don reach record high temperatures.

Seas now dey warmer dan how e be in human history and di increase in temperature dey directly linked to global warming.

Scientists believe say human activities – such as di burning of fossil fuels and emissions from factories – dey get bad effect on global temperatures, wey dey cause harmful gas dey released into di atmosphere.

How humans dey destroy di ocean

One of di ways human beings dey destroy di ocean na through ocean pollution.

Human beings dey throw plastic waste into di ocean and dis kain tin dey dangerous to marine wildlife.

Plastic no dey rotten like paper or food, instead e go remain for di environment and take hundreds of years to break down.

More dan eight million tonnes of plastic dey enta di world oceans each year and most of dem dey come from land.

Di UN Food and Agriculture Organisation say almost 80 percent of di world marine fish stocks dey fully exploited, ova exploited or depleted.

Human beings dey also destroy di ocean through drilling or mining, land reclamation and many oda activities.

Plastics and styrofoams dem pick for Lagos beach


Why World Oceans Day dey important?

Di celebration dey important sake of say di oceans dey dey vital to di existence of human beings.

According to di United Nations, di oceans cover ova 70% of di planet and na life source for human being.

Di oceans dey support humanity sustenance and di sustenance of evri oda organism wey dey for earth.

Di celebration also dey important sake of say di ocean produce at least 50 percent of di planet oxygen.

Di oceans na home to most of di earth biodiversity, and na di main source of protein for more dan one billion pipo around di world.

Sake of say 90% of big fish populations don reduce and 50% of coral reefs don dey destroyed, di UN dey join forces wit decision-makers, indigenous leaders, scientists, private sector executives, civil society, celebrities, and youth activist to put di ocean first.

Why we need change our ways

Plastics and styrofoams dem pick for Lagos beach


Di environmental expert wey participate for di World Oceans Day, Lekan Bakare, tok say humans beings gatz change dia attitudes towards di ocean sake of say e dey important for dia existence.

“We no want situation wey be say our community go dey threatened. We gatz speak up and do somtin about am.

“If we mess up di ocean, we no go get clean air and if we breathe in clean air we no go dey threatened as humans.

“So na somtin wey I dey particular about and wey evri body need dey particular about,’ oga Bakare tok.

Oga Bakare say di sensitization wey dey go on for Nigeria to protect di ocean no dey enof and pipo gatz kontinu to teach pikin dem how to save di blue planet.