I no know how I go get over dis dragging – Emdee Tiamiyu

YouTuber Emdee Tiamiyu

Emdee Tiamiyu dey offers advice to thousands of im YouTube subscribers on how to legally migrate go UK

One influencer wey tell BBC say Nigerians dey sign up for degrees for UK just to get visa for themselves and dia dependents don apologise.

“We don begin to see say a lot of pipo just hide behind di studentship. So di student thing no dey real, no be like say dem need di degrees,” Emdee Tiamiyu tok for di interview

Im later apologise for im YouTube channel afta Nigerians drag am for social media for ‘betraying’ dem.

“I dey sorry for any inconvenience wey dis tin don cause you,” Oga Tiamiyu tok.

E say I regret di “pain” dis tin don cause, e add say im also say positive tins about Nigerians for di interview.

According to am di reason why im grant di interview na to “highlight some of di challenges” Nigerians dey face for home and for UK, and say im for no agree to do di interview if im feel say e go “put Nigeria to shame”.

Im also say im no know how im go “get over” dis dragging.

Oga Tiamiyu comments dey come as UK goment restrict visas for family members of some foreign students.

Under di latest announcement, partners and children of graduate students oda dan those wey dey study courses wey be research programmes no go longer dey allowed to apply to live in di UK during di course.

Nigerians still dey come to terms wit dis new development wen Eldee make dis claims wey dem believe say fit affect studentship visa application in di near future.

Sake of dis, many pipo online no gree accept di apology wey im drop.

So wetin Emdee Tiamiyu tok for im interview wey really pepper Nigerians for body?

Emdee Tiamiyu interview

Oga Tiamiyu bin sitdon wit BBC to tok about why Nigerians dey travel go UK.

‘’So di student tin no be say dem need di degrees’’. Na wetin im tok for di 1:15s video wey go viral for social media.

‘’Dem need di degree as access route to come di kontri.’’ Tiamiyu continue to tok.

‘’So a lot of dis pipo dia priority dey shift really fast’. E add

‘’No be really about di education’’ Tiamiyu tok for di end of di video.

Emdee na youTuber, for im YouTube channel im describe im self a di number one guide to “scholarships, fellowships and japa-ships”.

Di last word, japa, na Yoruba word wey mean “to leave”, Im explain say. Na di tin wey dey reign among Nigerians wey dey eager to escape di kontri.

Na sake of all dis tins wey im tok wey make Nigerians dey drag am for social media.

How UK new migration laws go affect japa plans?

UK goment announce new immigration rules on Tuesday wey go ban most international students from bringing dia families to come di kontri with dem.

Currently graduate visa dey allow master students to bring dia partners and children come di kontri with them.

Dem fit stay for 24 months afta di students courses finish.

Di new rule regarding foreign students no go apply to PhD students, wey dia training dey often last between three to five years.

Official figures wey dem go release on Thursday, May 25 dey expected to show say net migration don reach one million.

Di Office for National Statistics (ONS) tok say one significant factor behind di high migration numbers in recent years na increase in foreign students and dia dependants wey dey follow dem come.

One fifth of UK student visas last year go to Nigerians – 120,000 in total, wit half for di students themself and half for partners and children.

Nigerians get more family visas for foreign students than any oda nationality, ONS tok.