Why Rivers Assembly want de-recognize Omehia as former Govnor

Di Rivers State House Assembly don pass motion not to recognise Celestine Omehia as former Govnor of Rivers State.

Dis dey follow motion wey di leader of di House and Member representing Obio-Akpor Constituency 1, Martin Amaewhule pass.

Amaewhule as e present di motion say di House no get copy of di ruling of di Supreme Court as at di time dem call for im recognition

Wike and Omehia

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Wen Wike bin mount Omehia official portrait for Goment House Port Harcourt as e recognise am as a former Governor for 2015

‘To dey recognize Omehia as former govnor no dey in line wit Supreme court judgment’

Amaewhule for di motion ask di house to cancel dia resolution of 30th June, 2015 wey bin direct di Rivers State Goment to recognize Sir. Celestine Omehia as former Govnor of Rivers State and restore im privileges and fringe benefits.

Di Leader of the House note say to continue to recognise Celestine Omehia as former Governor and to continue to grant am privileges and entitlements wey dey due to former govnors of di State no dey in line with di 2008 Supreme Court  judgement for di case of Ameachi versus INEC and two odas, wey hold say for di eyes of di law, Omehia no ever be candidate for di election tok less of a winner and section 287 sub-section 1 of di constitution of di Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended.

E come urge di house to direct  Celestine Omehia not to dey use di title “His Excellency” and di suffix “Grand Service Star of Rivers State (GSSRS) wey only sitting govnors or former govnors of di state dey use.

Amaewhule also present four prayers for di motion, including say make Omehia refund all money e don receive from di State goment since dem recognise am as Governor.

Dis include N600million e receive as benefit and anoda N96.5million e don receive as pension as former govnor of di state within seven days.

Di motion also include for am not be addressed as “His Excellency, in addition to comot di title GSSRS from am wey di state dey take honour current and former govnors.

Amaewhule also ask di Assembly to withdraw di resolution dem take on 30 June 2015 to recognise Sir Celestine Omehia as former govnor and restore om privileges and fringe benefits.

For June 2015, Governor Wike bin recognise Omehia as former govnor of Rivers State becos im be function as govnor between 29 May 2007 and 25 October 2007 before e lost im seat after di Supreme Court declare Chibuike Amaechi as di right Governorship candidate of di PDP and so e replace Omehia as Governor.

Wike come give order for di official portrait of Omehia to dey mounted among former governors of di state for Goment House.

E say, “I, hereby, put back im [Omehia] official portrait among those of former governors. Im dey entitled to di benefits of all former govnors.”

Wike bin add say di era of bitter politics don pass for di state as e wonder why Omehia, wey bin don discharged functions of govnor for about four months, go dey denied of im benefits as former govnor.

After much debate, all 21 members wey bin dey present for plenary, vote in favour of di resolution,

Di Speaker of di House, Ikuinyi-Owaji Ibani, come direct make di Clerk of di house forward di resolution to di state govnor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, and ask am to implement di decision sharp sharp.


Di motion not to recognize Omegia as former Governor

Di Assembly also want Omegia to refund all di money e don receive as pension as a former Governor

Who be Omehia?

Celestine Omehia

Celestine Omehia
Omehia bin be Governor of Rivers State from May 29 to 25 October, 2007

Sir Celestine Ngozichim Omehia (born 15 September 1959) bin be Govnor of Rivers State from 29 May to 25 October 2007.

Im be member of di People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

E bin don serve as Rivers State Commissioner of Education between February 1992 and November 1993 and later get appointment as adviser to Governor Peter Odili.

Omehia bin dey declared di winner of di Rivers State gubernatorial election of 2007, wey bin hold for 14 April 2007, despite plenti vote rigging and violence wey bin dey reported at di time.

Dem swear am in as Governor of di oil-producing state on 29 May 2007, as e take over from Dr. Peter Odili, wey also be PDP Governor.

However, di Supreme court comot am from office same year afta dem declare Rotimi Amaechi as di right Governorship candidate of di PDP.