Wetin UK law tok about organ harvesting wey land Ekweremadu and wife for kasala?

Nigerian Senator Ike Ekweremadu and im wife Beatrice na di first pipo wey go chop conviction under di Modern Slavery Act for organ trafficking conspiracy.

Di couple chop conviction alongside one Dr Obinna Obeta sake of conspiracy to exploit one 21-year-old Nigerian man for im kidney.

According to Central Criminal Court aka Old Bailey for UK, di kidney donor na street trader for Lagos and di couple bin need im organ for dia 25-year-old daughter, Sonia, wey get kidney problem.

Di prosecution tok say di couple offer di victim £7,000 and promise am opportunities for UK for di help.

According to di prosecution, di victim tok say im only realise wetin dey go on wen im meet doctors for Royal Free Hospital for London.

Dem remand di couple and Obeta for custody ahead of dia sentencing for 5 May.

Wetin be Modern Slavery Act and wetin e tok about organ harvesting?

Modern Slavery Act 2015 na act of di Parliament of di United Kingdom wey make provision about slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking.

Dis act provide protection for victims and spell out penalties for pipo wey dem find guilty of offences wey dey under am.

Na James Brokenshire introduce di bill to di House of Commons in draft form for October 2013, den Theresa May and Lord Bates sponsor am for di Home Office.

Di bill receive Royal assent and become law on 26 March 2015.

Human trafficking fall under Section 2 of di Modern Slavery Act, and na for dis section removal of organs dey.

Dis section say pesin don commit offence if im arrange or facilitate di travel of anoda pesin sake of exploitation.

Under dis section, pesin don exploit anoda pesin if im subject am to slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour, sexual exploitation, removal of organs, securing services by force, threats or deception, securing services from pikin and vulnerable pipo.

Dem title section 4 as: “Committing offence with intent to commit offence under section 2”.

Section 4 tok say pesin commit offence under dis section if di pesin commit any offence wit di intention to commit offence under section 2 (including offence committed by aiding, abetting, counselling or procuring offence under dat section).

Wetin be di penalty under di Modern Slavery Act?

According to section 5 of di Modern Slavery Act wey tok about penalties, pesin wey dey guilty of offence under section 2 dey liable to life imprisonment if dem convict am on indictment.

If na summary conviction, na imprisonment wey no fit pass 12 months or fine or both be di penalty.

Section 5 (2) say if pesin dey guilty of offence under section 4, e go chop imprisonment wey no go pass 10 years if dem convict am on indictment.

But if na summary conviction, di imprisonment no go pass 12 months or fine or both.

Di section also tok say if di offence under section 4 dey committed by kidnapping or false imprisonment, di pesin wey dey guilty of dat offence dey liable, and on conviction on indictment, e go chop life imprisonment.

Section 5 (4) say in relation to offence wey dem commit before section 154 (1) of di Criminal Justice Act 2003 come into force, dem go read di references for subsections (1)(b) and (2)(b) of di Modern Slavery Act as 6 months.

Oda Nigerian politicians wey enta kasala for UK

Dis no be di first time Nigerian politicians go dey enta kasala for di United Kingdom.

Former govnor of Bayelsa State Diepreye Alamieyeseigha bin chop detention for London sake of money laundering charges for 2005.

Met Police arrest am wen im still be govnor sake of moni laundering.

Dem find £1.8m in cash and for Alamieyeseigha bank accounts.

Im jump bail for December 2005 from di United Kingdom by allegedly disguising as woman but e deny dis claim.

Dem impeach am as govnor of Bayelsa State on 9 December 2005 and e also serve two years prison sentence afta Nigerian court convict am for 2007.

For 2012, former Delta State governor James Ibori chop 13-year imprisonment afta im admit to fraud of nearly £50m.

Di ex-govnor plead to offences wey relate to conspiracy to launder funds from di state, substantive counts of moni laundering and one count of obtaining moni transfer by deception and fraud.

Afta Ibori serve half of im 13 years sentence, dem release am for December 2016 and deport am to Nigeria.