Nigerian Pastor ‘celebrate’ wife wey gunman shoot several times and kill for US

One Nigerian Pastor wey dem kill im wife for America say im go “kontinu to celebrate im Angel”.

Eze Kings post for Facebook about di loss of im bride and e promise to love and celebrate her.

Eunice Dwumfour, die on Wednesday last week outside her house for Sayreville, New Jersey.

According to tori dem “shoot her for face” as she bin dey drive her SUV go house.

She crash her car and fall ova di wheel afta di attack, her neighbors say dem hear multiple gunshots bifor di car crash.

Dem add say bifor di shooting happun dem see her ‘dey tok to one man’.

Dwumfour wey just newly marry her Nigerian husband na New Jersey Republican council woman.

Authorities say dem dey investigate di death of Dwumfour wey die at di age of 30.

Dwumfour friends narrate how she die

Initially her friends bin claim say dem shoot her seven times for her face, and law enforcement sources say dem shoot her more dan seven times.

Some neighbors also tell di station say dem see Dwumfour dey tok to one man outside her car for security footage just before di shooting.

Na Middlesex County Prosecutor Office and Sayreville Police dey lead di investigation, FBI also dey involved for di probe.

Officers dey appeal for anyone wit new information to come forward, including surveillance wey fit help dem track down di man she bin dey speak to.

Di govnor of New jersey say dem go fly flags for di state at half-staff on Wednesday to honour her.

Govnor Phil Murphy also pay tribute to di dead republican councilwoman.

Who be Dwumfour Nigeria husband?

Dwumfour marry Eze Kings na pastor of one Ministry for Nigeria.

She and her husband no dey leave togeda for US.

Di New Jersey Republican councilwoman dey live for her apartment wit her 12-year-old daughter from her previous relationship.

Pictures from her wedding day show how happy she bin dey next to her new husband Kings.

Kings post on Facebook about di loss of im bride, e promise to love and celebrate.

For di post e say “My angel you promise to see me by May… I miss you and I will continue to celebrate you.”

E also share pictures of two of dem happy and in love.

Gun violence for US dey go up

Mass shooting per year in the US


Data show say all types of gun violence – from homicide to suicide to mass shootings – dey go up for US.

For 2019, di total number of gun-related deaths for US na 33,599.

While for 2022, di number of deaths rise to 44,290 – a 31% increase. Most of these deaths na suicides wit gun, followed by homicides.

Although mass shootings dey often raise alarm, but dem dey make up a small fraction of gun-related deaths – for 2020, mass shooting victims make up 1.1% of overall firearm deaths.

Still, active shooter incidents don increase rise in recent years – nine of di 10 deadliest mass shootings for US occur afta 2007.

Experts say e hard to pin down di exact causes way make am dey rise because mass shootings dey often unpredictable in nature. But a few factors fit contribute to di growing frequency.

Gun ownership too dey rise

Di koko be say Americans get more guns now dan bifor. US gun sales reach a record 23 million in 2020 – a 65% increase from 2019 – and e remain high for 2021.

FBI conduct more firearm background checks – as di law require wen pesin buy gun – during times of uncertainty, like di first Covid-19 lockdown for March 2020, di unrest wey follow police killing of George Floyd, and di US Capitol riots for January 2021.

Josh Horwitz, co-director of di Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions, say di rise in sales dey tied to “the idea say guns dey keep us safe, especially in times of uncertainty”.

Oga Horwitz add say di rise in violence, especially in public places like petrol stations, dance studios and nightclubs, dey cause fear wey dey drive some pipo to go get gun.

“Pipo dey fear, and they want to quench dat fear dem go buy gun,” e tok.