FBI search President Joe Biden house for Delaware

Joe Biden

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Di FBI dey search President Joe Biden house for Rehoboth, Delaware as part of one investigation into classified documents, im lawyers tok.

For one statement, Oga Biden lawyer say di search dey “planned” wit di president “full support”.

CBS bin report say di investigation relate to one probe into di handling of classified documents.

Di FBI neva comment on di search. As e dey consensual, FBI no need to collect search warrant.

Oga Biden lawyer, Bob Bauer, say FBI carri out di search “witout advance public notice” for “operational security and integrity”.

Di search na di latest for one series wey dem carri out for various locations afta di discovery of classified documents for di Penn Biden Center – one office space for Washington DC for November. Dem no make am public during dat time.

Dem discova additional documents for Oga Biden home for Wilmington, Delaware for subsequent searches wey dem conduct for December and January.

Di precise number of classified records wey dem recova still dey unclear – although at least one dozen dey discovered during di January search alone.

Oga Biden tok say im team do “wetin dem suppose do” by alerting officials immediately and dem dey “co-operate fully and completely” wit di investigation.

Following the first of January’s searches, Mr Biden told reporters the files were in a locked garage.

“No be say dem dey sit for street,” im tok.

Di announcement of di search come one day afta special counsel Robert Hur officially begin im duties overseeing di probe into di documents.

Afta di initial batch of documents dey discovered for November, attorneys for Oga Biden immediately notify di office of di White House counsel on 2 November. Dem hand di files ova to di National Archives di following day.

Dem also notify di Justice department officials immediately about di subsequent discoveries.

Richard Sauber, special counsel to di president, describe di documents discovered for November as “a small number”.

Former President Donald Trump and former Vice president Mike Pence bin also enta controversy sake of di handling of classified documents.

For Oga Pence’s case, dem find one “small number of documents wey get classified markings” for im home for Carmel, Indiana, according to one letter sent to di National Archives by im lawyer. Di FBI recova di documents from one safe for im property on 19 January, wit two boxes more wey dey delivered to di Archives on 23 January.

Dem search Mar-a-Lago estate for Florida wey belong to Oga Trump for August 22 and uncova dozens of boxes and about 11,000 documents, including about 100 wit classified markings.

Di search warrant come afta lawyers wey dey represent Oga Trump bin tok say all goment records don dey returned. Oga Trump don repeatedly deny any wrongdoing and claim say im don declassified di documents wey e take wit am.

Di document saga kontinu

Anthony Zurcher


Di Justice Department search of Joe Biden vacation house add more twist to classified documents saga wey don stretch for nearly one month now and wey include one special counsel wey dey oversee di inquiry.

Di FBI move fit reveal how thorough di Biden team dey review di documents wey dey stored for Oga Biden personal property. Before di last goment search, di Biden lawyers bin don dey conduct dia own review of di president personal residences witout goment investigators looking ova dia shoulders. While dem find classified material for di president Wilmington house, dem tok say dem no find such documents for di president beach house.

If di FBI find such material, e go add fuel to di assertions say Oga Biden critics say more dey to dis tori dan wetin di president team dey show. At di very least, di search go help to quell some of di concerns wey Republicans express say di goment no dey scrutinise and suspect Oga Biden like di way dem do for Trump wey FBI search im Mar-a-Lago estate last August.

Wen Oga Biden lawyers first reveal say dem find classified material for im house and personal office, di former president, Speaker of di House Kevin McCarthy and oda conservatives openly wonda why di current president no dey targeted by di goment investigators too.

Now, however, Mr Biden defenders dey point out say multiple Biden properties don dey searched, but indication no dey say di FBI don investigate Oga Trump New Jersey and New York homes.