‘Wike executive orders dey politically motivated…I dey confident say I go win’

Tonye Cole


APC govnorship candidate for di 2023 elections Tonye Cole say e no dey worried about di court cases wey dey seek to remove am and disqualify am from contesting in di elections.

One Federal High Court for Port Harcourt don disqualify di govnorship candidate Cole, over alleged dual citizenship and non-compliance with di Electoral Act by his party.

Di Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for di state bin file suit wey ask di court to direct di Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) not to recognise Cole as di govnorship candidate of APC for alleged dual citizenship.

Dis na as Cole bin miss out from contesting in di 2019 elections afta federal high court rule on multiple cases wey seek to disqualify am from contesting.

APC and Cole bin lose dia appeals for Supreme Court, seeking to enable dem participate for di 2019 general elections.

But di APC govnorship candidate for dis exclusive interview wit BBC Pidgin say e no dey worried say history go repeat imsef.

“Dis two cases resemble but no be di same. But you get to dey very careful, na technicalities dem take knock us out before but dis time around, we don dey look am very well to make sure say di technicalities wey knock us out before, no dey applicable for dis one.

Anoda old man don tell me say everi postition wey you run for for Nigeria must end up in Supreme court, so we don dey prepare say na so e go be, so I no dey too worried.” Cole tok.

‘Wike executive orders dey politically motivated’

Di APC govnorship candidate also touch on oda issues pertaining to im candidacy, politics for Rivers state and di 2023 elections.

E say di recent executive orders wey di Govnor of Rivers state NyesomWike recently sign dey politically motivated.

“Na bad decision wey e take for di democracy and pipo of Rivers state. Somebody go look am from politics say dis na very smart move say e don play political parties to restrict dem.

Executive order 21 dey prevent anybody from going out to campaign look around, everywia dey quiet becos e don target di main political opponents to dey quiet. Number 2, e dey deny di pipo di opportunity to meet to hear and choose. Three, e dey try intimidate becos we know say dis entire system here na one man show.” E tok.

Cole say dem don take some action like decision to do peaceful protest and write petitions to prevent am becos di decisions dey provocative and fit cause violence.

On how e go score di administration of Wike, Cole say di govnor don do im own and na di turn of anoda.

“Wike don do im own, di pipo wey don benefit well-well na Obio Akpor pipo , everibodi else never benefit, so Obio Akpor pipo go clap for am but now our own goment na say make every oda pipo wey dey Rivers state wey be Rivers pipo dem sef dey look for hope.

You know say every goment get dia policy, so im own policy na bridges, e don to am tok am, e wan do 12 bridges, no problem, we clap for am, make e do di bridges, our own policy na human capital development make we develop every human being for here, make we give dem back dia dignity.” E tok.

‘I dey confident say I go win’

Cole say despite wetin e say na di campaign of di ruling party for di state to hold on to power, e dey confident say e go win.

“Di first tin be say dis party don dey rule since and pesin life never beta, wetin pipo dey see be say since 1999 wen dis one party dey rule till today na up, down, up down, na so e bin dey since Rotimi Amaechi time wen pipo get free education, dem dey go hospital, old pipo get, since all dat time till now dem don see say tins don go down.”

“Since we grow up, nobody like oppression, I never see pesin wey go siddon say e like make dem dey shout at you, say dem go break your business, nobody like am, di fear fit cause dem to quiet but inside dem dey look for one opportunity wey go cause dem to shift. Wen we dey tok to pipo we know say pipo don say who fit comot dis strangle neck wey dey our neck, na we go comot am.

But di number three one wey give me all di confidence na say e get di way all of us we grow up wen dem dey tell us about di tori of David and Goliath about di pesin wey get all di power and di one wey pesin tink say no fit go anywia, human beings, our psche, we like David, we no like Goliath, right now we dey see Goliath but dem go crash.” E tok.

‘I don agree wit my God say notin go change my believe’

Tonye Cole asides from being di co-founder and former Group Executive Director of Sahara Group and energy na pastor for di Redeemed church. E tok about di concern of mixing politics and religion.

“As pastor I tink am but na two tins help me, one na say darkness go remain darkness if light no enta, so you get to put light inside if not dat darkness go remain darkness so wen pipo say na dirty game how e go clean? Na from outside to just dey pray and tok? You get to go inside make you go clean am.

“For me I siddon, and I don agree wit my God say notin go change my believe and my faith in God but dis business I go go inside, fight am, clean am and correct am as I fit.”

Di full complete interview dey below.