Burning down of shops for Orsu na ‘security operation’ – Imo goment

Goment for Imo state, Southeast Nigeria say dem get hand for wetin happun for Eke Ututu market for Orsu Local goment area of di state last weekend.

Govnor Hope Uzodimma confam di tori for state broadcast on Wednesday.

E say na “security operation” and di aim na to chase members of di Indegenous people of Biafra (Ipob) wey Nigeria goment don ban from dia hideouts.

Di incident attract more attention to Imo state wey don suffer several attacks from are men wey dey popular as ‘unknown gunmen’.

“Black Weekend In Orsu-Ihiteukwa, Orsu LGA of Imo State,” na so Ifeanyi Ejiofor, lawyer to di proscribed Ipob leader, Nnamdi Kanu describe wetin happun.

Wetin happun for Orsu

Video of how some armed men destroy some shops for di area appear online but pipo bin no know wetin happun.

Di video wey go viral show burning buildings wit thick smoke, broken walls and pipo wey dey run up and down.

Di audio from di video wey be like dat of pesin wey dey live for di community dey name owners of di shops wey dey affected for di operation.

Ifeanyi Ejiofor blame di attack on Ebubeagu, di regional local security outfit for Southeast.

“E dey sad say for dis period of economic downturn, di only available daily market for di community wia poor pipo dey go find dia daily bread suffer dis kain attack and dem burn am to di ground,” Ejiofor tok for tweet.

‘Dem dey make bombs for Orsu’

Imo state govnor say im bin don appeal to di “unknown gunmen and bandits to ceasefire”, but dem no gree surrenders dia weapons and hold tok-tok wit goment to empower dem.

Govnor Uzodimma say one Major of di Nigerian army die for Orsu last month – “na illegal and explosive wey dem manufacture locally dem use kill am.”

E say “last Saturday one of di bandist wey security arrest carry operatives go wia dem dey make di local explosives. Di place turn out to be Eke Ututu market.

“Dem burn down four shops wia dem discover bags of fertiliser, ammonium and oda electrical gadgets wia dem dey keep dia tins.

“As I dey tok now, di Captain wey lead dat operation dey for di ICU unit of one hospital wit anoda officer. But di sojas succeed for di operation. Dem burndown di shops and dem dey tactical to make sure say innocent pipo no die.”

‘Unknown gunmen dey collect tax’

Di govnor say some pipo dey politicise security operation instead to appreciate goment effort to end di insecurity for di state.

E say goment discover say “unknown gunmen dey collect tax from traders wey dey do business for Ele Ututu market. Some tin wey dey illegal.

“I want make di world know say di fight against terrorism, banditry and odas go end. No be politics mata, na about di security of our pipo.”

Govnor Hope Uzodimma say plan dey to rebuild di market and compensate pipo wey suffer material loss for di operation.

Orsu Local government area, Imo state

Imo state for Southeast Nigeria get 27 Local government areas, Orsu na one of dem.

Di LGA get several qualities wit Orlu wey be a major group for Imo state,

Orsu get several autonomous communities wia armed men don carry out attacks

Di LGA get two major markets Eke Ubahaze aEke Ututu wia pipo dey do communal trading.

Attacks for southeast Nigeria

Nigeria goment don ban Ipob afta dem declare dem as terrorist group sake of di activities of di gunmen wey dey worry di area.

Di group wey many dey call ‘unknown gunmen’ don cause plenty kasala for di southeast region – especially between late 2020 and through out 2021. Dem don continue dia attacks for 2022.

Imo state na one of di states wey don suffer di most attacks wit di killing of pipo wey don draw angry reactions from pipo.

Di group dey agitate for separation from di Federal Republic of Nigeria.

For November 2021 dem bin give warning say di governorship election for Anambra state no go hold. Nigerian goment need to deploy heavy security to di state to fit guarantee safety of voters before Inec fit hold dat election.

Nigeria dey into major election for 2023 and di group from di video say dem no want election.

Governors and leaders of di region bin don do several meetings to end di activities of di gunmen.

Dem bin also launch ‘Ebubeagu’ wey be di region security outfit – but nothing don change. Di gunmen still dey carry out attacks for some parts of Southeast.