Kenya election 2022: ‘Di results dey null and void we go challenge am for court’- Raila Odinga reject William Ruto win

Kenya presidential candidate Raila Odinga dey address tori pipo for di Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) on August 16

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Kenya Presidential candidate Raila Odinga don reject di election result wey Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) declare.

Odinga, wey carry second for di election make di announcement during press conference for Nairobi.

Im reaction come as im Azimio La Umjoa coalition allege say dem rig di election to favour di winner – dis na di first time Odinga dey tok since IEBC declare di result.

“Di results dey null and void we go challenge am for di court of Law”, Odinga tok.

“I commend my supporters for acting and keeping di peace and I ask dem to kontinu to do so,” e add “Totally and without reservations I reject di results.”

Inside di final results wey di kontri wey Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) chair, Wafula Chebukati announce, William Ruto beat im main opponent Odinga wit 50.49 % of votes.

Ruto win more dan half of di votes wey dem cast across di kontri.

‘Chebukati bully election counters’

Raila Odinga say Kenya democracy suffer serious set-back sake of how di election take end.

“Kenya face grave legal and political crisis as a result of di actions of Wafula Chebukati, di IEBC (election commission) chairman.”

E accuse di IEBC oga of bullying, accusing Chebukati say “wetin we see yesterday na travesty and a blatant disregard for di constitution and the laws of Kenya.

Wetin happun before declaration of result

Four of di seven members of di electoral commission bin refuse to endorse di announcement, saying di results dey “opaque”.

“We no fit take ownership ofdi result wey dem go announce sake o di opaque nature of dis last phase of di general election,” tok Juliana Cherera, di vice-chairperson of Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

“We go give comprehensive statement… and again we urge Kenyans to keep calm. Open door dey wey pipo fit go to court and di rule of law go prevail,” she tok.

Oga Odinga’s party agent earlier allege say “irregularities” and “mismanagement” dey for di election.

Dis na di first time wey Oga Ruto, 55, go run for president. E don servedas deputy president for 10 years, but fall out wit President Uhuru Kenyatta, wey back Oga Odinga to succeed am.

Wetin Odinga go do next

Kenya get ogbonge Law on top election for di kontri wey everi body including di IEBC, political parties and candidates must to follow.

Already di IEBC don present certificate of return to Ruto.

“Unless dem reach unanimous decision on any matter, di commission go get majority of di members present”, Odinga tok as e quote part of di Law.

Pipo dey expect di former Prime minister to file petition for Kenya Supreme Court afta e openly reject di result.

Raila Odinga get until Monday to submit di petition according to di Law of Kenya.

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