Man cut off genitals by accident while dreaming say he dey cut meat

Man cut off genitals by accident while dreaming say he dey cut meat

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One farmer for Ghana dey in critical condition after he accidentally chop off en scrotum while sleeping.

De victim, Kofi Atta, talk BBC Pidgin say he currently dey hospital dey receive first aid. 

“Right now I dey hospital for here, all dem dey give me be fluids den some injections but I dey need surgery.”

“I no get money to fuel ambulance wey go carry me go Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) for surgery”, he add. 

Kofi Atta say he dey in shock sake of even when he wake up from de sleep, two of en neighbors see say he dey bleed.

So after he stand up from de chair he dey sit on while sleeping wey he feel sharp pains inside en penis and scrotum. 

‘I cut my genitals in my sleep’

De victim talk BBC Pidgin say on de day of de accident he dey take small nap in de afternoon for chair inside im house. 

“I dey sit inside chair wey I doze off, so as I dey sleep I dream say I dey cut meat wey dey in front of me” he talk. 

But in de sleep he dream say he dey help cut meat give en family, everything seem like e be real.

He start dey shout for help wey two of en neighbors rush come see say he dey bleed. 

Even he no sure what dey happen, so he try stand up from de chair he dey sleep inside wey he feel de pains in en genitals. 

That be when he notice say he like he mistakenly cut off en genitals based on dream wey he dey have. 

“I no remember how I carry de knife, even me I dey confused” he talk BBC Pidgin. 

De 47 year old farmer and resident for Assim Akomfode inside Central Region dey receive treatment, but say doctors say he go need surgery.

Kofi Atta talk BBC Pidgin say he remain in dream state even after he cut himself and call for help while still dreaming.

Despite de neighbors come see am and try help am, he still dey see am like dream until he wake up for hospital.

He explain say e be at de hospital before he realize say he accidentally cut himself physically while dreaming earlier on say he dey cut meat to help prepare food for house.

Man cut off genitals by accident while dreaming say he dey cut meat

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Parasomnia be condition wey dey cause abnormal behavior in sleep

Parasomnia be sleep disorder which dey cause abnormal behavior while sleeping. 

De behavior go fit happen during any stage of sleep, including de transition from wakefulness to sleeping and vice versa.

According to medical journal, healthline, de condition dey cause people to move around, talk, or do unusual things during dia sleep.

Other people go think say you dey awake but you actually dey unconscious. 

People with de condition during dis time no dey remember de incident. 

De condition dey cause different levels of activity like sleep talking, sleep walking, bed wetting, nightmares, den rapid eye movement den others. 

According to de medical journal, Rapid Eye Movement (REM) be another level of de condition which dey make some people act out dia dream vividly.