Coronavirus lockdown: Nigeria filmmaker Niyi Akinmolayan do cartoon video to teach children how to survive Covid-19

One Nigeria filmmaker don arrange cartoon video to help children understand and know more about coronavirus as goment all ova di world plus different organization dey sanitise pipo on top how to survive dis pandemic

Niyi Akinmolayan wey direct The wedding Party 2, tell BBC Pidgin say wetin ginger am to do dis animation na because e wan answer all di plenti questions wey children dey ask on top dis Covid-19 disease.

“Me sef I get pikin and my oldest pikin na five years plus. If you get pikin of dat age, dem go dey ask you plenti-plenti questions: ‘Daddy why we no go school today? Daddy wetin dey go on? Daddy I wan go school?’ From question di pikin go enta cry.”

“Every time I dey ansa my pikin question and explain to am, e go tell im little sister wey be three years old make dem no go outside because of coronavirus. So na from all dis questions di idea come come my mind.”

Young Pipo fit catch coronavirus?
The British Broadcasting Corporation

Oga Niyi say sake of dis, im tell evribodi for him ANTHILL studio, Lagos wey dey work from home make dem join hands do di animation to fit pass message to children.

“Even as we don close our studio becos of dis Covid-19 but as e be say evribodi fit work from homes, I call and tell dem say ‘guys e be like say e get message wey we fit pass to pikin dem about dis coronavirus, Una go fit do di work? No money oh!’ and all of dem say dem go do am”

E say pipo plus parents don dey use dis animation to make dia children understand wetin dey go on for di world and e don dey easy for parents to explain di reason why dem need to always wash dia hands to prevent coronavirus.

Niyi even come tweet say di 90 seconds animation dey in four languages.

Coronavirus pandemic don affect millions of pipo all ova di world and e don cause total lockdown for most kontries.