Woodberry: See wetin go happun next to Olakunle Ponle afta US court dismiss dia complaint against am

US court don dismiss complaint wey dem bin put ontop di head of Olalekan Ponle, one Nigerian wey carry accuse of scam alias Yahoo-yahoo, but di indictment of di Grand Jury still dey ontop im neck.

According to lawyer Inibehe Effiong wey BBC pidgin follow tok on top dis matter, Ponle fit still get case for court as di 8 count indictment wey di grand jury sama am still dey alive.

Effiong explain say for di complaint, di US lawyer fit still refile am later but dem go need to don add to di prove wey dem get before.

Di US court dismiss di complaint wey dem put for di head of Olalekan Ponle, one Nigerian wey carry accuse of scam alias Yahoo-yahoo.

Ponle wey him popular name be Woodberry enta gbege with im friend, Ramon Abbas aka Hushpuppi, wen police for Dubai arrest dem on June 10 afta dem do secret operation on top dia matter.

For July 2, Dubai police hand di two pipo to goment for US where dem go ansa query for all di magomago wey dem bin accuse dem say dem dey do.

But, as di mata dey go, wey di two Nigerians don dey show face for court sef, US court con tok say dem dey dismiss di complaint wey dey on top Woodberry head.

According to document wey BBCpidgin see, di judge for di matter, Judge Robert W. Gettleman, tok say im sign to dismiss di complaint.

“Goment motion to dismiss complaint without prejudice [17] don dey granted. Without objection di complaint against defendant Ponle don dey dismissed without prejudice,” na wetin Judge Gettleman tok according to document wey BBC Pidgin see.

Wetin e mean to dismiss case with or without prejudice?

Judge Gettleman wey dismiss di complaint tok say na “with prejudice” im dey dismiss dis case. Wetin dis one mean be say Ponle neva free say e no go answa di gbege again.

Adetokunbo Eribake Esq, wey be lawyer for Nigeria, don before explain give BBC say sake of say na “with prejudice” di judge trowey di case, di state fit still refile am.

However, if to say na “without prejudice” dem dismiss di case, e go mean say di complaint don cancel forever and di state no go fit refile am again.

Wetin be di difference between criminal complaint and indictment

Two gbege dey for Woodberry; one na criminal complaint, di oda na indictment. Court don dismiss di complaint but di indictment still dey.

According to American legal system, indictment na wetin grand jury dey sama person afta prosecutor don put all di evidence of case before dem. Dem go look everything wey di prosecutor carry give dem, and vote whether dem go indict di person or not. Dem go do di vote for secret.

On di oda hand, criminal complaint na document wey US goment lawyer and dia law enforcement agency go prepare to accuse person. Di prosecutor go carry di document go meet di judge wey go con determine whether di accuse get case to answer or di matter for di document no too strong for di prosecutor to begin dey drag person go court.

Research wey BBC pidgin do show say complaint no fit really be di ground for accuse person to enter trial, di prosecutor still gats go before di grand jury to collect indictment. But complaint fit allow make court issue arrest warrant for person wey di prosecutor dey accuse.