Big Brother Cameroun: Biggy237 TV reality show naked housemate for Biggy mansion?

Camera for Cameroon TV reality show, Biggy 237 ‘catch’ housemate weh e sleep naked and dis don turn na tok of de town.

Last night one housemate sleep naked, with open legs camera film de whole cinema for all man weh e bi di watch.

Rumour na say na Ranibel Kizzey and management don confirm.

“Abeg Biggy tell housemates make deh wear Jeans before deh sleep”, fan write as e fear na say born house go fit bi before season end.

“Na normal tin for pesin for sleep naked but de tins na say camera catch de action”.

“But we go tell dem for be more careful’, management tok.

Also, de crush for Biggy mansion na Gaga Wagne as tori komot say some housemates fight ova Gaga Wagne. Biggy isolate Dibneja and Gaga say deh put tension for house.

As eviction night di kam for Saturday, see de housemates weh deh nominate for eviction.