Goment defend 62,000 naira minimum wage proposal

Nigeria goment say dem and di Organised Private Sector don agree on 62,000 naira ($41 and £32) minimum wage for Nigeria workers.

For inside statement wey di Tripartite Committee on Minimum wage, wey don dey meet since to discuss about di new minimum wage mata, make recommendations afta dia meeting.

According to di statement, goment say dem don critically torchlight di National Minimum Wage and dem use ” all necessary parameters”.

Dem add say dem also apply social, economic and political considerations, relevant International Labour Organisations, Conventions and international best practices before di committee agreed on di 62,000 naira new minimum wage.

Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and di Trade Union Congress (TUC) dey demand for new minimum wage even before President Bola Tinubu enta office for 29 May, 2023.

Di workers and trade unions kontinu to push wen President Bola Tinubu announce say “fuel subsidy don go” during im inauguration for 29 May, 2023.

Dis announcement cause kasala for di kontri as fillings stations begin increase price, transportation go up wey lead to high inflation.

Organised Labour go on strike for two days before dem call off to allow goment five days for tok-tok.

Oda tins goment consider as dem propose N62,000

According to di statement wey di Tripartite Committee release dem tok say, true true time don reach for an “upward review of di present National Minimum Wage” wey be 30,000 naira now since 2019.

Dem also agree say di advantages of di upward review of di National Minimum Wage outweigh di disadvantages.

“Diafore di Committee dey kindly invite presido to note say di Committee adopt di motion as di proposal of 62,000 naira per month as di new National Minimum Wage afta dem consider all oda factors”.

Dem also tell President Bola Tinubu to “note say di organised labour dey insist on 250,000 naira per month”.

“Finally di Committee hereby presents N62,000 per month as agreed by Goment and Organised Private Sector (OPS) wit policy incentives and oda conditions wey di States and di Organised Private Sector make.

Dem also present di 250,000 naira per month wey di Organised Labour dey recommend as di new National Minimum Wage make President Bola Tinubu look into am.

Di Nigerian goment bin dey propose to add 18,000 naira to di current 30,000 naira national minimum wage, to make am 48,000 naira dis na according to di leadership of di organised labour.

But dis position far well well from di 615,000 naira wey di labour unions for Nigeria bin present to goment.

But goment believe sday wetin di labour unions dey propose as di new minimum wage no dey unrealistic.

Di national President of di Trade Union Congress, Festus Usifo, tok say 48,000 naira dey even lower dan wetin di least earning federal worker dey currently earn.

Remember say President Bola Tinubu bin announce a 35,000 naira wage award to federal workers from October 2023 until a new minimum wage go start.

E mean say di least personnel for di Nigeria civil service dey currently earn at least 65,000 naira monthly.

“Di goment proposal of a small 48,000 naira as di minimum wage na insult to di sensibilities of Nigerian workers and e also fall short of meeting our needs and aspirations,” di NLC and TUC tok for a joint statement on Wednesday.

On Thursday, di Nigeria govnors forum, di group of all govnors for Nigeria bin bring statement say dem no go fit pay di 60,000 naira minimum wage.

“All tins considered, di NGF holds say di 60,000 naira minimum wage proposal no dey sustainable and can not fly. E go simply mean say many states go spend all dia FAAC allocations on just paying salaries wit nothing left for development purposes.”

But on Friday afta di meeting dem agree on 62,000 naira.