Wetin be Ghana must go and why Ethiopian airline get problem wit am

Di Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (Faan) don clear di informate wey dey fly up and down on di ban of Ghana must go bag.

Faan on top dia X account clear am say na Ethiopian airline ban Ghana must go bags on dia flights, no be dem.

Di Nigeria airport regulatory agency give dis informate afta reports circulate say Faan don ban di use of popular Ghana must go bag and make travellers no carry am enta any airports for di kontri.

“Kindly note say na @flyethiopian issue ban on di use of Ghana must go on dia flight no be Faan and no be di Nigeria goment,” Faan tweet repeatedly on dia page.

From @flyethiopian not @FAAN_Official or the Federal Government of Nigeria.

@instablog9ja kindly take note.

Posted by FAAN on Friday, December 1, 2023

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Na earlier dis week Ethiopian Airlines for one circular, inform dia customers say dem don ban travellers from using “Ghana must go bags on top any of dia flights.

For inside one circular from di airline wey Faan share, dem tok say “Ghana must go bag don dey strictly prohibited unless dem pack am well-well inside carton or hardcover rectangular container.”

Dis one mean say traveller still fit carry am enta dia airlines if e dey well packaged inside container and if dem cover am well-well.

Di circular add say dem implement di restriction sake of say di bag dey always spoil conveyor belts for various airport wey dey cost di airline moni.

“Di restriction dey implemented sake of di frequent occurrence of damages to conveyor belt for various airports, wey don lead to significant cost wey di airlines dey owe.

“We kindly request your cooperation to follow dis rule to ensure di smooth operation of our flight and reduce any potential disruptions wey damaged conveyor belts dey cause,” Ethiopian airline tok for circular.

Wetin be Ghana must go?

Ghana must go bag na correct, durable and affordable bag dem dey carry park load.

Di bag bin gain popularity for Nigeria during di 1980s wen Nigeria goment deport hundreds of thousands undocumented West African migrants.

Most of dem from Ghana, hurry-hurry pack dia belonging inside di bag afta Nigeria goment give dem short notice to leave di kontri, and na from dia e take get di name “Ghana must go”.

Ghana must go don come very long way including di ban wey KLM and Air France sama am for 2017, sake of say e fit shift shape anytime come block dia baggage delivery system.

Di ban still dey even though Ghana authorities bin protest dat time say, ” e no only dey insulting but say na mata of racism and discrimination” as na Africa travellers dey mostly use di bag pass.

Di bag also dey connected wit Nigeria as corrupt politicians dey use am carry moni especially during elections. E still maintain dis reputation even though most of di moni transfer now na mostly online.

Ghana must go still popular for West Africa and now e dey come in different sizes and colours.

Today, dem dey use di bag for different purposes, wey include as fashion item or to carry groceries.