Kwara goment reduce work days for workers sake of fuel subsidy removal

Goment for Kwara State, Nigeria don reduce di numbers of days wey public servants for di state go dey go office for now.

Dis, di goment dey hope say go help reduce di suffer-suffer wey dem dey pass thru sake of di petrol subsidy removal wey Nigeria goment do.

From five days, public servants for di North Central state go now work for three days.

Head of Service for di state, Madam Susan Modupe Oluwole announce on Monday 5 June, 2023 say di State Govnor, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq don give order make dem reduce workdays from five days to three days per week.

According to statement wey Chief tok-tok pesin , Murtala Atoyebi sign

“Mrs Oluwole direct all Heads of Ministries and Agencies (MDAs) for di state to immediately work out format wey go show di workdays wey go free for each worker under dem.”

She draw ears give for workers make dem no abuse di opportunity wey di govnor give dem because her office go dey monitor dem bumper to bumper.

Workers across di kontri dey spend almost three times money for transport to work daily sake of of di increase for price of fuel wey subsidy removal cause.

How subsidy removal dey affect Nigerians

On 29 May, 2023 during di swearing-in of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, im announce for im inaugural speech say fuel subsidy no dey part of im goment.

“Fuel subsidy don go” na wetin im tok dat day.

E also add say di removal go happun small-small.

Few hours later, Filling stations begin close and queues begin build up sake of panic buying.

Nigerians bin dey hope say President Bola Tinubu goment go clear di air about im speech and wait till June ending wey former President Muhammadu Buhari bin announce say e go stop.

But to di surprise of everybody Nigeria National Petroleum Company Limited(NNPCL) bring out new prices of petrol wey start from almost 500 to above 500 naira per liter depending on di state wey you dey.

Dis announcement make am hard for transporters wey no fit afford to buy petrol again as di price almost triple.

Di price rise from 185 naira to over 500 naira per litre.

Na dis development come affect di prices of transportation as bus fares don almost triple.

Many pipo dey complain say dem no fit manage di money wey dem dey earn as transport fare don increase due to di increase in price of fuel.

President Tinubu last Friday during im meeting wit di govnors under di All Progressives govnor say dem gatz review di minimun wage to refelect di kontri realities.

Workers dey go on strike

Di Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) – di union wey dey oversee di affairs of workers for Nigeria dey para for di Federal Goment about di subsidy removal.

Di Union para say while dem still dey do tok-tok with goment NNPCL go increase price.

President of di Union, Comrade Joe Ajaero say di union and all di pipo wey joinbody with dem nationwide go start ‘we no go gree waka’ on Wednesday 7 June, 2023 if goment no reverse di fuel subiste removal and high prices of petrol by midnight of Tuesday.

“Make evribody tie dia wrapper well well dis no be warning strike, na full blown strike plus protest, we don tell all our members to mobilize across di kontri, we go do am until evribody go tire”

Na less dan 48 hours remain for di ogbonge NLC nationwide strike and protest to happun if goment to reverse fuel subsidy and di new pump prices.