Wetin dey cause gbas-gbos between Iyabo Ojo and Lagos goment

Popular Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo para over one heavy tax wey she say Lagos State Goment sama her.

According to Iyabo Ojo di tax levy na money of over 18 million naira ($38,640.13) and di Lagos Internal Revenue Service give am seven days ultimatum from Monday wey dem drop di letter give her to pay di money.

Ojo tok for one video wey dey go viral say she no ready to pay dat kind moni.

For one live video for social media, di ogbonge actress explain say she dey pay tax to goment but dis one wey LIRS bring too much compared to wetin she dey earn.

‘Nigerian celebs no dey earn plenty money’

Iyabo Ojo say she dey pay tax on house wey she dey live as di building na mortgage.

Di actress and social media influencer also complain say Nigerian celebrities no dey earn plenti moni like international stars.

Iyabo Ojo add say dat na why pesin like her still dey do influencing, buying and selling among oda businesses instead make she dey chop life like fellow celebrities abroad.

Di ogbonge celebrity wey dey popular to dey speak out bin show plenti documents wey carry Lagos state goment logo as proof say she dey pay her tax wella.

According to di LIRS, tax na wetin authority sama individuals wey get job or dey run dia own small businesses, under one business name or partnership.

Although to collect Personal Income Tax na federal responsibility, but na state goments dey dey collect tax from any pesin wey dey live for dia state.

However, Iyabo Ojo and any oda pesin wey dey employed or dey run business inside di state fall for dis category.

Wetin Nigerian law tok about tax

Taxation na one ogbonge system for di Nigerian economy.

Na through tax goment dey provide some kain services to di public.

Sake of transparency, goment get laws wey dem create to fit guide and regulate taxation for different sector of di Nigerian economy.

One of those kain tax Personal Income Tax

  • Personal Income Tax na one kain tax wey authority sama on di income of individuals wey either dey for employment or dey run dia own businesses under one business name, trust or partnership.
  • Personal Income Tax Act2 na di law wey dey take care of tax matters as e dey affect all income earners like employees, self-employed and all oda pesin wey dey pay personal income tax for Nigeria.