Why trains for India dey go off tracks?

Train accident for India


Plenti questions still dey on top wetin cause di deadly multiple train accident for India on Friday evening wey kill at least 288 pipo and wounjure pass 800.

Two express passengers trains and one freignt train jam demselves near one small station for di eastern state of Odisha, according to tori.

One of di trains jam di freight train wey bin no even dey move and di coaches of dat train come jump enta anoda track wey cause di incoming drain to derail.

Di first report tok say di accident na sake of signal failure.

Na only deep torchlighing go fit tok wetin be di koko behind di mata. But e don bring new tok again on top railway safety for India.

India railway system na one of di biggest for di world and e dey carry about 25 million pipo evri day across di konti wit tracks wey go ova 100,000km. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw say dem lay about 5,200km of new tracks last year and dey upgrade about 6,000km of tracks evri year.

Oga Vaishnaw recently reveal say most of di tracks dem dey do upgrade for na to fit accommodate di trains wey go run wit speed of up to 100kmph, plenti dey upgraded or trainspeed of 13kmph and odas na for trains for high speeds of 160kmph.

Clearly na part of goment plan to run faster trains all ova di kontri, Dem dey build separate high speed line between Mumbai and di city of Ahmedabad.

But former Railway Board oga, Vivek Sahai tok say, derailment dey kontinu to be “bugbear for di railways”. Train fit derail for plenti reasons, “track fit no dey well-maintained, coach fit dey faulty and dem fit be error wit di driving”.

Di picture of how di train collapse


Goment railway safety report for 2019-20 say derailments dey responsible for 70% of di railway accidents, wey increase for 68% wey e be di last year. Train fires and collisions na di next case and cause 14% and 8% of di total accidents.

Under di reviewed year, di report count 40 derailments wey involve 33 passenger trains and seven freight trains inside. 17 of di derailments na track “defects” (wey fit include fractures or sinking of ground around di tracks) cause am.

Railway tracks wey dem dey use metal make dey expand for summer and reduce for winter sake of di shift in temperature. Dem need regular maintenance like tighten loose track parts, changing sleepers, oiling and adjusting switches among odas. Dat kain track inspections na by leg, trolleys, locomotives and rear vehicles.

India railway recommend say make di track recording cars dey chook eye to examine di structural and geometrical integrity of tracks wey dem make to hold speeds of 110kmph to 130kmph at least once per three months.

Report for derailment by federal auditors from April 2017 to March 2021 show some disturbing tins.

  • “Shortfalls from 30% to 100% bin dey for inspections” by track recording cars wey suppose assess di structural and geometrical integrity of tracks, na wetin di report tok.
  • Study of 1,129 investigation reports on derailment accidents show 24 “factors” dey responsible.
  • Major reason for derailment na maintenance of tracks (171 cases).
  • More dan 180 cases of derailment na mechanical reasons cause am. Like a third of dem na becos of defects for coaches and wagons.
  • “Bad driving and over speeding” na oda major factors wey cause derailments.

Tok plenti say make dem put anti-collision devices for Indian trains but dem don only install di system for two major routes, between Delhi and Kolkata and Dehi with Mumbai, according to one railway official.

Also e neva clear how dat kain system go work for mata of derailment or “freak” collision.

How di train collapse

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For 2010, e pass 150 pipo wey die wen one passenger train derail and hit freight train for West Bengal.

Investigators say na Maoist rebels bin spoil track wey cause di accident. But dem neva hint sabotage for Friday accident.

According to di railways, 34 “consequential rail accidents” (like collisions, derailments, fire or explosion in trains, road vehicles colliding with trains at level crossings) happun for 2021-22 and di previous year na only 27 happun. Di Hindi newspaper for 31 May say di numbers of dat kain accident don rise to 48 for 2022-23.

Di report say railway authorities dey worry about di rising accidents and don ask dia senior manager to “chook eye well-well for di long working hours of crew especially for East Coast Railway and South East Central Railway, and correct am urgently”.

Friday accident bin happun for di busy East Coast Railway zone.