Inec announce date for Adamawa, Kebbi states elections

Ballot boxes for 2023 elections on display


Di Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) say di supplementary elections for National and State House of Assembly go hold next month.

Inec tok ontop dia official twitter handle say na afta dem stand up from dia meeting today, Monday 27 March, 2023 dem decide say “all outstanding Govnorship, National and State Assembly supplementary elections go take place on Saturday 15 April 2023.

Una remember say some National and State House of Assembly elections for some parts of di kontri no go well sake of katakata and disruptions wey happun for various reasons.

See states wey go do supplementary election

Kebbi State

Di supplementary National Assembly and State Assembly elections go happun for some polling units inside some wards wey inec declare inconclusive.

Kebbi State for northern Nigeria na one of di states wey Inec declare di govnorship election inconclusive.

Na di two ogbonge political parties for di state dey battle neck-to -neck for di election.

Di All Progressives Congress (APC) and di Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Na on Monday 21 March, 2023 di collation and returning officer of di election, Yusuf Sa’idu, wey be Professor for di Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto, announce say cancellation of results bin dey for some polling units across Registration Areas inside 20 out of di 21 local goment areas for di state.

“We add di total number of collected PVCsfor those polling units and di total na 91,829.

“And wen we check di results, di two leading political parties for dis contest, APC and PDP, get 388,258 and 342,980 votes respectively. Wen we look di difference, na 45,278.”

im tok say dem no get any oda option dan to refer to sections 51(2) and (3) of di Electoral Act 2022 for guidance.

Di section tok say “Wia di number of votes cast in an election in any polling unit plenti pass number of accredited voters for dat polling unit, di presiding officer go cancel di result of di election for dat polling unit.

“Sub-section three of section 51 alsotok saywia di result of an election dey cancelled in accordance with sub-section two, dem no go return anybody until anoda election take place for di polling units wey dey affected.

Adamawa State

Inec for Adamawa State also declare di govnorship election inconclusive.

Dis na afta dem collate results wey Inec show say Govnor Ahmadu Fintiri of di PDP score di highest votes.

But Inec say di votes wey dem cancel plenti pass di margin of victory between Mr Fintiri and di runner-up, Aisha Dahiru of APC.

Wen di official collation end, Mr Fintiri beat Mrs Dahiru Binani, with over 30,000 votes.

DI incumbent govnor get 421,524 votes while Mrs Dahiru get 390,275 votes.

Mr Fintiri also win di election for 13 local goment areas out of di 21 local goment areas for Adamawa State while Binani win di remaining eight.

Inec announce cerificate of return dates

Meanwhile di Independent National Electoral Commission don also announce say dem go begin give Govnors and Deputy Govnors elect, and State House of Assembly members elect certificates of return for Wednesday 29 March, 2023 to Friday 31 March, 2023.

Inec say according to law dem suppose give cerificates of return within 14 days afta election.

Di cerificate of return oresentation go happun for di Inec offices for di states.