When is school resuming in Nigeria: See 10 ways parents fit use ginger dia children during coronavirus lockdown

The pyramids are illuminated in blue with the message "stay home" in white lettering.

“Stay home” na di message wey light wey shine well well dey show ontop Egypt Great Pyramid for di city of Giza on Saturday.

Dis lockdown time, many mama and papa dem dey nack brain how as dem wan dey follow dem pikin stay for house, dey teach dem, dey helep dem for house.

One parenting coach – wey mean say di pesin sabi how to helep pipo dey tink pikin mata as dem dey grow – don share tips of how to survive dis lockdown togeda wit pikins wit BBC News Pidgin.

Yetty Williams na wetin Oyibo dey call Parenting Coach, while Pamela Akinboboye na child care Psycologist wey share tips wit BBC News Pidgin sake of di lockdown wey don change millions of pipo life style for Nigeria and oda parts of di world.

Two children stand at the window holding their drawing of what they miss most - their illustrations show rainbows and ice-cream vans.

On the same day in South Africa, sisters under lockdown at home in Cape Town hold drawings of what they miss most – rainbows and ice-cream vans.

1. Keep Learning

Make we make sure say we still dey learn: Dis time good for pikin dem make dem dey learn sometin wey dem nor sabi before.

Nor be everytin be school mata, book mata, but no be say make dem carry waka, forget say school dey, because school go resume one day, make e no be say dem go do forget wetin dem bin dey learn.

Beta make una gree say evriday e get wetin dem go dey do – weda na morning time or afternoon time, make dem read, use computer, stmall, or even sef look television, dey learn all dis channel wey dey show sumtin wey dey do documentary.

Pikin go wan do computer from morning till night if una leave dem, so beta make we all gree, make dem plan- one hour for learning for computer.

You fit print work from computer for dem or ask dem teacher dem make dem self send una work.

For de pikin dem wey don grow, dem fit dey use internet dey fine di beta website wey LagosMums share give una.

BBC Pidgin also confam dis advice and find out dis LEARNING SCHEDULE FOR KIDS wey be free platform wey get plenty resources for all children up to the age 10.

Even LagosMums also get tips for dia website.

Mama dey teach her pikin

Mama dey teach her pikin

2. Free playtime

Beta make una let una pikin dem dey do wetin dem wan do by dis time.

All of us wan make our head dem come down by dis time. But una know say e good make dem self, do wetin dey dem mind, make dem tok as dem wan, waka dem waka dis time.

Dis advise wey experts add na to create plan wey go make dem feel like say evriday na school day even if dem dey for house.

Dis Covid-19 lockdown belike ‘Act of God’ alias wetin nobodi plan for, so make we no too bring book tension and wahala enter de mata, make e no go cause una shortage for front.

Wetin we must do as dem mama and papa na to make sure say dem do small work evriday, afta dem fit play wit dem toys, use computer, video game, follow dem self play as broda and sista for house.

“We neva sabi di time wen dem go – go school again, until dis Coronavirus mata finish, so evritin now na small small” Yetty Williams tok.

A little boy looks out of a window at his home in Godella, Valencia, Spain


3. Fresh Air

Beta make all of us dey comot for inside house, dey enjoy breeze for outside – but dey your domot. E nor good make pikin siddon inside house.

We for waka for inside compound, dey siddon for veranda, for dommot.

Breeze and sun dey good for person mind, dey helep everybody make mind coole, make body come down, make head calm down.

4. Play games as a family

Two boys play board games inside a residential apartment.

Boys wey dey play board games for dia house inside Kinshasa, capital of di Democratic Republic of Congo.

Dis lockdown time, e dey good well well make all of us just dey with each oda.

We fit dey do awa work for daytime, maybe papa and mama dey do ‘Work from home’, pipo wey fit use computer or phone dey do dem work, di pikin dem self don do dem work… so e fit be say na evening, wey una go fit play some kind game dem, weda na ludo, or na Ayo, card, wit di small pikin dem, or e fit be say una dey play monopoly wit di big pikin dem.

Wetin dey important, na say make una enjoy una self. E dey help make una bond, they laugh, dey relax togeda.

5. Do chores around di house

Una fit do house work togeda. E fit get sumtin wey you do wan do since, maybe una wan ‘range de parlour, or de pikin dem room, time don come to do am. Make you give everbodi dem work, make dem do de tins dem wey we tok say make dem go do.

Evribodi go fit do sumtin, weda na washing plate or na cooking. E dey important to dey wash hand, wash bodi well dis time – we suppose dey discuss am among awasef, make we all nor forget say we get to dey wash hand before we chip, afta we cough or sneeze, or when we comot for toilet.

Two mobile phones and the WhatsApp logo

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6. Connect online with family and friends

Dey house, dey do social distance nor mean say we nor go fit dey connect wit family: As technology full ground troway, we fit use phone dey take follow Mama and Papa, for village, awa sista and broda, awa pikin dem cousin pesin aunty and uncle – family wey dey stay far.

WhatsApp aka Whazzap dey, Zoom dey, make we all dey see each odar for phone even if we nor see each oda Coro coro stand. Becos all na face to face, and we fit dey do am.

7. Control screen time

Child wdey watch game for computa

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Child dey watch game for computa

E good make pikin dem dey use telephone, computa, television – all na screen- but if di time wey dem dey stay dey look am too tey, imself no good for brain and if e too tay, person fit kolo.

E good make dem dey use di same time for screen wey dem dey use wen dem comot for screen.

So if dem play one hour for television or screen as we dey call am make dem play one hour for outside, or with demself, or make dem ride bicycle.

If una get computer for house, beta make una use wetin dem dey call parental monitoring wey mean say una go download am put for una computer make e dey tell una as una pikin dey use de computer- e go dey give una idea how to dey manage di pikin dem on top di computer.

Una fit set am, once de time finish, dem get to go do anoda thing. If una need recommendation una fit try Qustodio.

A child stands next to a cartoon depiction of Covid-19.

Also for Nairobi dis na pikin wey stand next to one mural by di Mathare Roots youth group wey dey explain di dangers of coronavirus.

8. Exercise

E beta make una dey exercise wit d pikin dem.

Una fit dey do am small small, till e don master una, una sef don master am- una go first start wit small stretching of bodi, fit reach de one wey dem dey do for YouTube or even yoga sef.

If una dey stay estate, una for waka near una house dem, or waka inside compound.

We no say make una waka go outside, oh becos dem say make we give each oda chance of two meters – so unless you sabi say you go fit maintain two meters distance between una and oda pipo, beta make una all stay for inside compound.

Children dey learn online

Children dey learn online

9. Watch TV togeda

Una fit dey look feem for house togeda; Wen una don look am finish, e good make una come pull di tori of the film again, discuss am reach ground.

Na turn by turn una go dey select de feem wen una go look, make evribodi put mouth choose film, make una all gree as una go dey tok di matter make evribodi mouth join, make e nor be say some pipo no go put mouth.

Nkechi Ogbonna na BBC tori pesin wey wear face mask

If you dey take care of pesin wey get di virus, di advice na to dey wear face mask to cover your mouth and nose

10. Pray togeda

E beta make una wit di pikin dem dey exercise. Una fit dey do am small small, till e don master una, una self don master am- una go first start with small stretching of body, fit reach de one wey dem dey do for YouTube. If una dey stay estate, unal for waka near una house dem, or waka inside compound. We nor say make una waka go outside, oh because dem say make we give each other chance- so unless you sabi say you go fit maintain 2 meters distance between una and other people, beta make una all stay for inside compound.

Make una dey pray togeda – as family- dey teach una pikin una faith, weda una be moslem abi Christian, make pikin dem learn as una dey pray, why una dey pray.

Tori be say di way dis Coronavirus (COVID19) don dey now, some pio dey fear becos of di tins dem wey dem dey hear, evriwia, pipo sabi pipo wey di mata don affect.

No be becos of fear, but becos all of us must face God one day, beta make we start to dey sabi now and dis mata don turn wetin oyibo dey call ‘Act of God’ until dem find di special injection wey humans fit take to prevent di disease.

So e good make we dey take prayer dey comot fear-fear, make we put we life for God hand.

Coronavirus lockdown: Nigerians for abroad narrate dia experience
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Na Yetty Williams, Parenting Coach, Founder and CEO Lagosmums write dis tori, while Pamela Akinboboye, di founder of Icarella child care share some of di tips .