Video show last moments of man wey die for US Police custody

Irvo Otieno

Ben Crump Law
Authorities don arrest 10 pipo in connecion wit Otieno death

Prosecutors for di US state of Virginia don release di video footage wey show di final moments of one patient wey die for custody for one psychiatric hospital.

Di clip show as police and hospital staff pin Irvo Otieno for ground on 6 March as dem dey transfer am from jail go di mental facility.

Contains scenes which some viewers may find upsetting. – Video shows Irvo Otieno’s death in police custody
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Court don charge seven sheriff deputies and three medical staff wit second-degree murder for di black man death.

One grand jury on Tuesday summon di 10 pipo wey dey accused for di case.

Na prosecutor, Ann Cabell Baskervill release di video of di incident give di public on Tuesday.

Di footage na from surveillance cameras for Central State Hospital for Petersburg, Virginia.

Video show how Irvo Otieno take die

Irvo Otieno family

Ben Crump Law
Family of Otieno ask lawyers to release di video of im death to di public

Police bin arrest Otieno on 3 March as suspect for inside one possible burglary.

Dem put am under one emergency custody order wey dem dey use wen dem believe say pesin fit injure themselves or odas sake of dia mental illness.

Di clip, wey no get sound, show as plenty deputy sheriffs drag di 28-year-old enta hospital admissions room in handcuffs and leg irons as medical staff dey follow behind.

E show as di sheriffs pin Mr Otieno down as medical staff dey look, before some of dem move to go help di deputies.

Di video show how at least eight pipo pile themselves on top of Mr Otieno at one point, some hold down im legs, while odas hold im upper body.

Later for di video, e show how like 10 deputy sheriffs and medical staff hold down Mr Otieno wey no wear shirt – and still get handcuffs and leg irons – for di floor.

Di video show say dem hold am down for 11 minutes.

Di deputies and medical staff later pull back as Mr Otieno lie down and no dey move. E show as Medical staff for di room dey later administer emergency aid.

For inside one news conference on Tuesday afta dem release di video, Oga Otieno mother, Caroline Ouko, tok say di indictments na “just di first step” towards justice.

One attorney for Otieno family, Ben Crump, say di video bin show say wen Otieno bin need a “helping hand”, wetin e get instead “na overdose of excessive force”.

Audio recordings wey show Otieno last moment

Dem also release di audio of di 911 call wey hospital staff bin put across as odas bin dey try resuscitate Otieno.

For inside, pesin fit hear as one hospital staff member dey tok say dem dey give Mr Otieno CPR, and dat e dey “very aggressive”.

Di dispatcher den ask for clarification say: “I dey sorry, di patient dey aggressive or e no dey breathe?”

“E bin dey aggressive, right, so dem dey try put am for restraint den eventually e no no dey breathe again,” di hospital staff member tok.

Prosecutors say preliminary post-mortem examination show say Mr Otieno die of asphyxia.

Mr Otieno family support di public release of di video, but lawyers for di deputies and medical staff wey dey face charges in relation to di incident biin push back, dem argue say e fit hinder a fair trial.

Who be Irvo Otieno?

Authorities don place di seven deputies on administrative leave as di investigation dey go on. Dem release two on bail while di odas still dey for custody.

Prosecutors say dem don send di three hospital to jail, where dem dey without bail.

Prosecutors add say dem dey consider additional charges in relation to Mr Otieno death.

Mr Otieno family come originally from Kenya and migrate go di US wen e be four years old.

E be aspiring hip-hop artist, Mr Otieno get passion for music and sports, im family tok, and e dey write and record music for im free time.

Im family say e attend Freeman High School and go university for California.

“Mental illness no suppose be your ticket to death,” im mama tok.

“E dey often tok say im wan dey great one day and help our village for Kenya wit dia needs,” im brother, Leon tok.