How blast kill at least 27 pipo for Nasarawa

Police say 27 dey confirmed dead

Funeral prayer hold for di 27 corpses on Wednesday

Nigeria Police confam say na blast lead to di death of 27 pipo and leave many injured for one border village between Nasarawa and Benue states for central Nigeria.

For interview with BBC, commissioner of police for Nasarawa state Maiyaki Muhammad Baba wey make di confirmation tok say dem get report about wetin happun on Wednesday morning.

“We wake up dis morning (Wednesday na im informate reach us say blast happun wey lead to di death of many pipo and cattle as well.”

Di commissioner add say at di moment police still dey investigate di incident.

Although di commissioner say e no fit confam whether di bomb na from air dem drop am or na blast wey happun from ground.

Some local media report say di explosion fit be botched air strike by di Nigerian military – but dis neva dey independently confam.

“At di moment sha na about 27 corpses dey confirmed and some wey sustain injuries due to di blast.”

Dis incident happun for one village inside Doma wey dey for Nasarawa state.

‘We want justice’ – Fulani chief

Di funeral hold wednesday

Nasarawa and Benue states dey among states wey dey suffer from farmers and herders wahala

Mallam Ardo Lawal na im be di chief of Miyetti Allah Cattle breeders for Nasarawa state and e tell BBC say di incident happun after dia fulani pipo bin go collect dia cattle from di hands of Benue state goment.

And bin dey try to leave di place in order to go anoda place na im di incident occur.

Mallam Ardo call on authorities to investigate deeply and make justice happun regarding dis issue.

E also confam say at di moment na 27 corpses dey dia hand at di moment and more pipo dey hospital dey receive treatment.

Benue and Nasarawa state dey among states for Nigeria wey dey face serious palava betwern farmers and herders for years now.

Nasarawa govnor wan douse tension

Nasarawa state govnor Engr Abdullahi Sule say e spend di whole night on dis mata after e learn of di incident.

Di govnor wey organise press conference for Lafia yarn say e don send a delegation including im deputy govnor to Doma wia di incident happun in order to douse tension.

“I dey on dis mata all night, i dey liaise with Chief od Defence staff and all oda security agencies on dis mata.”

Di govnor also confam say na bomb blast lead to di horrific incident as di herders go collect dia cattle inside Benue state.