Lockdown palava don kill more pipo dan coronavirus for Nigeria – Human Rights Commission

Police dey pull pesin pikin

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No be today Nigerians don dey para on top extraa judicial killings

Nigeria human rights joinbodi don announce say di security forces wey dey enforce di coronavirus lockdown for di kontri don kill more pipo than di virus dem dey try prevent.

One report wey di National Human Rights Commission do, dem say dem don find up to eight separate times wey security forces kill reach eighteen pipo.

Dis na as di kontri don confam only twelve deaths from Covid-19 disease.

Di National Human Rights Commission also tok say so far dem don receive pass one hundred complaints from 24 states out of di 36 states wey dey Nigerian federation.

Dem include Lagos, Ogun and Abuja wey federal goment recently extend di two week lockdown wey begin 30th March, for anoda two weeks.

Na on February 27, Nigeria record di first case of coronavirus for di kontri.

Oda parts of di kontri still get some type of restriction to avoid di spread of di Covid-19 disease and dem dey use di army and police to enforce dem.

So far, 20 states for di kontri don get 407 confam cases of di virus.