Sergei Lavrov Africa visit – Wetin e mean inside Russia Ukraine war

Russia Foreign Minister don begin im visit to Africa for one diplomatic waka.

Sergei Lavrov visit wey start for Egypt on Saturday see di Russian top diplomat do tok tok wit Egyptian officials.

Di kontri dey try break diplomatic isolation and sanctions wey di West sama dem sake of dia invasion of Ukraine.

Lavrov trip afta Cairo go also include stops for Ethiopia, Uganda and di Democratic Republic of Congo, according to Russia state-run RT.

Russia bin don increase dia media activity for Africa to swing opinion over dia invasion of Ukraine.

Moscow dismiss claim of global food crisis

Moscow wan reinforce relations for Africa inside Western backlash over di invasion of Ukraine.

Sergei Lavrov land Congo-Brazzaville on Sunday night to begin di second leg of im Africa trip.

Oga Lavrov dey expected to hold meeting wit President Denis Sasou-Nguesso on di effects of di war on food supplies, Journal de Brazza website report.

Dis na as Africa dey experience serious shortages and increase cost of living.

Lavrov go later head to Uganda for tok tok wit President Yoweri Museveni.

For Cairo, di Russia Foreign Minister tell Arab League ambassadors say Western nations dey twist di truth about di impact of sanctions on global food security.

Oga Lavrov dey accuse Western nations say dem dey try impose dia dominance on top odas.

Much of di Arab world and Africa dey badly affected by grain shortage wey Russia war for Ukraine cause.

Russia interest in Africa

Sergei Lavrov dey try convince African kontries say e better make dem side wit Russia dan di West.

Na BBC World Service Africa regional editor, Will Ross analysis am like dis.

Lavrov bin use phrases like “we go helep una complete di process of decolonisation”.

But wetin dey clear across much of di continent be say dem no dey eager to take sides over di war wey dey happun for Ukraine.

Di Cold War get dangerous impact, as e dey fuel conflicts for Africa and stop development.

Right now, di one wey be of greatest concern be increase of price of food and fuel.

Na since 24 February, 2022 Russia invade Ukraine for wetin don turn full war.

More dan 40% of Africa wheat dey come from Russia and Ukraine.

Some African leaders go sabi say when pipo no fit afford to chop, dia own positions for power dey less secure.

 Russia Foreign policy on Africa

Afta di military coup wey happun for Burkina Faso for January, Russian flag bin wave for di West African nation kontri capital Ouagadougou.

One statue wey dem unveil for Central African Republic last Autumn show how local soldiers, wey dey backed by Russian fighters, protect civilians.

Those ones show wella di symbols of Russia resurgent presence on di continent.

Africa be foreign policy priority, Russian President Vladimir Putin tok am for di first Russia-Africa summit of political and business leaders for 2019.

“We no go participate for new ‘repartition’ of di continent wealth,” Putin bin tok.

“Rather, we dey ready to enter competition for cooperation wit Africa.” E add.

Russia hold historical ties wit Africa

Russia dey enjoy historic relations wit many African kontries, according to Sam Murunga wey be Africa Specialist.

Di relationship date back to di continent struggle for independence and di Cold War.

Dis ties dey obvious wen 17 African kontries no get hand for one March 2 UN resolution wey condemn Russia say dem invade Ukraine.

Dem don also be factor for di African Union two times to reject requests by Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to address dia plenary.

For recent years, Moscow don deepen military cooperation wit unstable African kontries like CAR, Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Mozambique, Sudan, Ethiopia, Cameroon and Libya.

 As di US and European kontries double down on sanctions and criticism, Russia don advertise dia ties wit many African kontries as dem dey seek dia backing.

 Russia Ambassador to Kenya Dmitry Maksimychev bin call for dis ties on 14 April, e say Moscow go maintain “glorious traditions of friendship wit African kontries” regardless of dia  stand on dia war wit Ukraine.

 “We bin no colonise Africa, we never engage for slave trade, and we never exploit Africa economically.

Wetin we do be say we play key role for di liberation of Africa from colonialism, and we help African kontries to build dia free independent states,” Maksimychev tok.

 Moscow say dem dey help troubled African kontries as dem dey send dem“military instructors” ¬ code for mercenaries – and modern weapons.

Dis mercenaries dey stand accuse of widespread atrocities and di loot of Africa natural resources.