“Nnamdi Kanu arrested”: Ipob ‘Nnamdi Kanu extradition arrest’ as Nigeria Biafra separatist

Nnamdi Kanu don chop arrest and dey charged to court in Nigeria.

Kanu, di leader of di ban Indigenous People of Biafra, arrest happun on Sunday.

Justice Minister Abubakar Malami say dem don repatriate alias return Kanu to Nigeria.

“We want to inform Nigerians say goment working with security agencies don succeed in attempt to gbab Nnamdi Kanu and we don bring back come Nigeria.”

Malami tell tori pipo for Abuja, di kontri political capital, on Tuesday Afternoon.

“Kanu go still answer for di 11 charges wey e bin dey face for court before e try to escape justice and we don already re-present before court.”

Malami say Kanu arrest na through di efforts of Nigerian security agencies and Interpol.

BBC Pidgin find out say di Nigerian goment wan do accelerated hearing for Kanu mata.

"Nnamdi Kanu arrested today": [Ipob news] 'Nnamdi Kanu extradition arrest' in Nigeria ', go appear for Nigeria court - 'Abubakar Malami'

Elliot Ugochukwu-Ukoh

Di minister add say:

“Security agencies arrest Kanu on di 27th of dis month (Sunday) and as I dey tok to you e dey on im way to court.” Malami add.

Shortly after Malami address tori pipo on Tuesday, one Nigerian court order di detention of Ipob leader Nnamdi Kanu

Federal High Court for Abuja later order say make dem detain Kanu for DSS facility.

Di Ipob leader go dey di custody of DSS, wey be Nigeria secret police, until July 26.

Dat na wen Kanu trial go start, according to Justice Binta Nyako wey give di order.

Tori be say Justice Nyako wan do accelerated alias speedy hearing within two days.

Nigeria goment present di di Ipob leader before court to face im 11 count charges.

Kanu arrest dey come at a time wey di separatist dey dey ginger more of im followers to breakaway from Nigeria to form Biafra land.

[“Nnamdi Kanu arrest in Nigeria”] Ipob & Kanu lawyer react

Lawyer to Nnamdi Kanu say im no see di call for self-determination by Kanu as a crime.

Alloy Ejimakor wey also be Ipob say say im expect di international community to protect Kanu’s political idea of gaining independence from Nigeria.

Belle no sweet Ejimakor say di international community rather help plan Kanu arrest.

Di lawyer to Ipob and dia Leader Nnamdi Kanu say Federal goment catch dem unaware.

Di Ipob lawyer tok as e react to di arrest, extradition and Tuesday appearance of Kanu for court.

Ejimakor tell BBC say Kanu no jump bail sake of say im wan evade arrest.

“Remember say Nigeria security pipo invade im house for Afaraukwu.

“We no see wetin dey come because we and Kanu as well believe say im dey protected for Western kontri.

“Wetin im get na political opinion wey na universal entitlement. I no see any crime sey pesin dey push for self-determination,” Ejimakor tok.

Di Lawyer say e go too hasty to conclude wetin go happen to Kanu.

Sake of say as di trial wan begin di Ipob leader go explain why im relocate go United Kingdom to court. Di lawyer add.

"Nnamdi Kanu arrested today": [Ipob news] 'Nnamdi Kanu extradition arrest' in Nigeria ', go appear for Nigeria court - 'Abubakar Malami'

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Nnamdi Kanu wey disappear for September 2017 after im 2015 arrest still get case for court.

“Nnamdi Kanu arrest in Nigeria” background:

Federal High Court for Abuja Nigeria for March 2019 order di arrest of di leader of di Indigenous People of Biafra.

Dat time Nnamdi Kanu arrest order na on top accuse of treasonable felony.

Justice Binta Nyako say di trial of Kanu wey don fail to appear for court since April 25, 2017 without any explanation go begin even if im dey absent.

Di judge base im decision on provision of section 352 (4) of di Administrative of Criminal Justice Act, 2015.

Kanu lawyer oga Ifeanyi Ejiofor been oppose di prosecuting counsel, Magaji Labaran oral application.

Ejiofor ask di court to give am more time to explain why im client never appear for court. But di court no gree dat time.

"Nnamdi Kanu arrested today": [Ipob news] 'Nnamdi Kanu extradition arrest' in Nigeria ', go appear for Nigeria court - 'Abubakar Malami'

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Nnamdi Kanu na im dey operate Radio Biafra

For January 2018 Federal High Court for Abuja, Nigeria troway case wey Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) bring to free Kanu.

Ipob dat time bin say dem want make di court to order then Chief of Army staff, Tukur Burutai to release dia leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

Tori be say, at some point confusion bin dey about di whereabouts of Nnamdi Kanu after e disappear afta im bin get bail in April, 2017.

Na Enyinnaya Abaribe and two oda pipo na im bin stand as surety for di IPOB leader bail dat time.

At som point court ask Senator Abaribe, Immanuel Shalum Okabenmabu and Tochukwu Uchendu to explain Nnamdi Kanu where about.

"Nnamdi Kanu arrested today": [Ipob news] 'Nnamdi Kanu extradition arrest' in Nigeria ', go appear for Nigeria court - 'Abubakar Malami'

Justice Nyako tok say di trial must end one way or di other.

Nnamdi Kanu profile

Nnamdi Kanu bin form IPOB for 2012 and many believe say dem be breakaway branch from MASSOB wey Ralph Uwazirike establish for 1999.

Di Nigerian goment don declare IPOB as terrorists group and ban dia activities

Di agenda of IPOB na for di south -east to break away from Naija to form dia own kontri.

For 2017 after court grant am im dis appear alias escape from Nigerian authorities.

By 2020 Nnamdi Kanu form Eastern Security Network [ESN].

Kanu form ESN to provide internal security against herders invasion of farmlands for di Igbo speaking south-eastern region of Nigeria.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu [as many of im followers dey call am] bin dey relatively figure until 2009.

Na for 2009 Kanu start Radio Biafra, one online radio station wey dey campaign for an independent state for mainly Igbo speaking pipo of Nigeria.

Kanu Radio Biafra dey broadcast to Nigeria from London.

Though im grow up in Nigeria south-east.

Kanu attend University of Nsukka, later move to di UK before graduating.

Soon after setting up Ipob in 2014, e begin speak to gatherings of large Igbo diaspora, calling for Biafran independence.

Inside some of Kanu comments, im beg Biafrans to take up arms against di Nigerian state.

In recent times Nigeria police don blame most attacks across di southeast on di ESN security outfit wey IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu set up.

For February 2021, social networking site, Facebook comot alias delete di verified account of Nnamdi Kanu from dia platform.

Dis ban happun after one live broadcast wey di leader of di Indigenous People of Biafra [Ipob] do 2 February.

During di Facebook live, Kanu accuse cattle herders say dem destroy farms for im native regions.

Facebook tell BBC say dem comot di account because of “repeated violation of dia rules on harm and hate speech.”

"Nnamdi Kanu arrested today": [Ipob news] 'Nnamdi Kanu extradition arrest' in Nigeria ', go appear for Nigeria court - 'Abubakar Malami'

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Pesin wey wear cloth wey dhow di Bifra flag

Since afta di 1967 Nigerian civil war popularly known as di “Biafra War” many groups don dey agitate for di Igbo speaking part of Southern Nigeria to go dia separate way.

Diis groups include di Indigenous People of Biafra [IPOB] and di Movement for Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra [MASSOB]

Di immediate cause of di recent agitation for Biafra inside Nigeria start from di 19 October, 2015.

Dat na wen dem arrest of Nnamdi Nwannekaenyi Kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, [IPOB], by di kontri secret police Department of State Services [DSS].

Nnamdi Kanu na di director of Radio Biafra, one unlicensed station wey dey crusade for violent struggle to achieve independence for Biafra inside Nigeria’s south east.

Charges against Kanu include sedition, ethnic incitement and treasonable felony.

Some of dis offences carry heavy penalties, from long jail terms to death sentence.

Those wey dey agitate bin dey primarily demand him freedom, but also call for di restoration of Biafra as an independent kontri.

As at today Biafra no dey exist as a unit or form of goment inside Nigeria and di separatists no dey clear about how dem see di territory of di “new Biafra”.

Some claim say e go include all areas wey di Igbo pipo, including parts of di oil-rich Niger Delta ,wey Asari-Dokubo from, to di south and Benue state to di north.

But di oda pipo of dis regions dem don oppose di plan to include dem inside any new Biafra, according to International Crisis Group Nigeria analyst Nnamdi Obasi.

Oda separatists say a restored Biafra go dey limited to five core Igbo states – Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo – also known as Nigeria “South East Zone”.

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