”Raymond hushpuppi abbas” FBI say Hushpuppi collabo wit North Korea hackers for $14.7 million money laundering operation

Nigerian influencer Ramon ‘Hushpuppi’ Abbas, help hackers from North Korea wey thief money to hide am for bank accounts across di world, di US Department of Justice (DoJ) bin declare.

On Wednesday 17 February, di DoJ say dia Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) don expose di money laundering work of Hushpuppi for February 2019, wia im and one Canadian man, transfer big money wey hackers from North Korea thief from bank wey dey Malta.

According to di Justice Department July 2020 statement, torchlight di attack as “$14.7 million cyber-heist from one foreign financial institution.” Both di date and amount match that of di attack on Bank of Valletta wey dey Malta.

Di hackers bin use computer technology to break enter di account of Malta bank to comot di money. Hushpuppi job na to move $5.6m (for two places) go hide for two banks in Europe, US authorities bin allege earlier in di year.


E don tay wey di Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) bin don dey monitor Hushpuppi magomago, even before im Dubai arrest for July 2020.

Im Instagram profile wey full of photos of im big man lifestyle, expensive cars and property, get 2.5 million followers.

Hushpuppi former lawyer Gal Pissetzky bin tell Forbes after im arrest say Abbas no dey guilty of di charges, say im client na “entrepreneur” wey make im money through legal way for “real estate” and for im work to promote brands wit im status for Instagram.

In one of Ramon Abbas operation wey almost dey successful, FBI allege say im nearly thief $124m from one premier league club.