Video show moment military rescue four children from jungle 40 days afta dia plane crash

Di Colombian Military share foto of di children for jungle

Di Colombian Military share foto of di children for jungle

‘Di mother jungle return dem’ Grandfather of four children wey survive for inside deep forest for 40 days afta dia plane crash tok

Authorities for Colombia say di four children wey survive plane crash dey alive.

Dem see dem for Colombian Amazon jungle, dey take care of themselves weeks afta di crash.

Colombia president say di rescue of di siblings wey dey di age of 13, nine, four and one na “tin of joy for di whole kontri.”

Di children mama and two pilots bin die wen dia light aircraft crash for di jungle on 1 May.

Di missing children bin become di focus of one big rescue operation wey involve dozens of sojas and local pipo.

Watch: How Colombia children jungle rescue unfolded
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President Gustavo Petro say finding di pikin dem na “magical day”, e add say: “Dem bin dey alone, dem achieve example of total survival wey go remain for history.

“Today, these children na di children of peace and di children of Colombia.”

Oga Petro share one foto of plenty members of di military and Indigenous community as dem dey care for di siblings, wey bin miss for 40 days. One of di rescuers put feeding bottle for di mouth of di smallest pikin, while anoda rescuer feed di oda children from a mug wit a spoon.

One video wey di Colombia ministry of defence share show as dem airlift di children enta helicopter in di dark above di tall trees of di jungle.

Oga Petro say di siblings dey receive medical attention – and im don follow dia grandfather, tok wey tell am say “di mother jungle return dem”.

Dem don fly di children go di kontri capital Bogota, and ambulances don carry dem go hospital for further medical treatment.

How di children land for jungle

Di Colombian Military share foto of di children for jungle

Di Colombian Military share foto of di children for jungle

Di Cessna 206 aircraft wey di children plus dia mother bin dey travel inside before di crash bin dey fly from Araracuara, for Amazonas province, go San José del Guaviare, wen e issue one mayday alert sake of engine failure.

Army find di bodies of di three adults for di crash site but e appear like say di children escape from wetin remain for di plane body and don wander enta inside di rainforest to find help.

Plenty pipo begin dey find dem and for May, rescuers recover items wey di children leave behind wey include pikin drinking bottle, one pair of scissors, hair tie plus one makeshift shelter.

Dem also find small footprints wey make di search teams to believe say di children still dey alive for inside di rainforest, wey be home to jaguars, snakes plus oda wild animals.

Di children belong to di Huitoto indigenous group and members of dia community hope say dia knowledge of fruits and jungle survival skills go give dem a beta chance to remain alive.

Local pipo join for di search and helicopters broadcast one message from di children grandmother, wey dem record for di Huitoto language, di message say make dem stop to dey waka about di forest and stay one place as e go make am easier to locate dem.

Colombia president bin come under criticism last month wen one tweet dem publish on im account mistakenly announce say dem don see di children.

E erase di tweet di next day and e explain say on di information – im office no fit confam di information wey e get from di Columbia child welfare agency.