Top tips on how you fit save fuel for your car – Fact vs fiction

Fuel Subsidy

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To drive less na di surest way to save money now wey fuel don cost well-well for Nigeria afta goment remove subsidy.

But aside dat how else wey pesin fit use less fuel for im car?

Checkout some tips from drivers – we go examine dem whether true- true if dis tips dey really work.

56mph na di best speed to drive?

Many drivers feel say to drive at exactly 56mph go save fuel.

But, ideal fixed driving speed no dey, according to di RAC motoring group.

Di 56mph myth, dem say, come out of old fuel consumption tests – for one city, at 56mph and at 75mph.

Di most efficient of di three speed range na 56mph, dat make many pipo to think say dis na di best speed.

But, e depend on di type of car and size, RAC say 45-50mph na di most efficient.

Driving at 70mph will use up to 9% more than at 60mph; Driving at 70mph will use up 15% more than at 50mph; Driving up to 80mph is not only illegal, but can all use up to 25%


What about to switch off car air conditioner?

If you don ever resist di urge to switch on di air conditioner wen di weather hot to save fuel, you dey right to do so.

You need extra energy to power a car air conditioning system and to turn am on fit increase your fuel consumption by up to 10% according to AA.

You go notice di impact more on shorter trips – dat na because di air conditioner gatz use more power initially to bring down di temperature inside your car.

To open your windows fit dey better, but dat one too dey create a separate problem wey dem dey call “drag”. Dis na where your engine get to work harder to compensate for di air resistance wey opening of di windows go create.

If you dey forced to choose between di two, di best option go depend on your speed. Di air conditioner dey probably better above 50mph because di faster you drive di greater di drag wey open windows cause go be.

Cruise control dey save fuel?

Cruise control – na device wey dey keep your car at a constant speed without using di accelerator pedal – many see am as way to save fuel, as e dey avoid unnecessary acceleration and harsh braking.

But, dis fit be true wen e come to motorway driving – due to di constant flat surface.

For oda road types you dey more likely to come across hills and your cruise control go take time to adjust to di change in gradient, dat way e use up more fuel.

Normally you go take your foot comot for accelerator as you begin to descend down a hill, but as your cruise control no fit see wetin dey in front e go spend extra time to use power – dis go make your fuel consumption worse.

Wrong tyre pressure dey use more petrol?

Underinflated tyres go use up extra petrol. Di advice na to check your pressures regularly, especially before u go on long journey.

Di correct pressure dey listed for your car manual, but you fit need to increase am to di recommended maximum if you dey carry several passengers and heavy luggage.

However, any extra weight go still use up additional fuel – so leave out anytin wey you no need.