Govnor-elect fit give directive or issue public advisory before e enta office?

Di govnor win dis month election

Di govnor elect tell pipo wey dey build inside schools or graveyards to stop

Kano state for Northwest Nigeria dey trend for social media afta di govnor-elect Abba Kabir Yusuf direct individuals, groups plus organizations wey currently dey erect structure for public places for di state to stop am.

For inside one statement wey Chief Press Secretary, Sanusi Dawakin-Tofa issue on behalf of di govnor elect, e advise say make pipo stop di demolition on all existing buildings wey belong to di goment and pipo of Kano state, Northern Nigeria.

“ You dey advised to discontinue any construction work on public land within and around di following: All schools for di State, all religious and cultural sites for di State, all hospitals for di State, all graveyards for di State, plus along di city walls of Kano.

“You also dey advised to discontinue di demolition of, and di construction on, all existing public buildings wey belong to di goment and pipo of Kano State” E tok.

Dis im statement dey come wen di sitting govnor for di state, Abdullahi Ganduje still dey for power and still dey govern di state.

This advisory don generate plenty reactions as pipo begin dey wonder if di govnor-elect wey just collect Certificate of Return on Wednesday and still get nearly two months before dem swear am in to office, get di powers to issue directive yet.

Govnor-elect get power to issue ‘directive’ under ongoing administration?

Engr Abba Kabir Yusuf

Di govnor elect collect im certificate of return from INEC two days ago

Although, Oga Abba Yusuf bin make am clear say na “public advisory” but pipo dey see am as directive from govnor wey dem never swear in.

Di govnor elect wey dem go swear in on 29 May, add say anybody wey carry on wit di construction inside school compound, hospital, religious centres or graveyards dey do so at im own risk.

Dis development generate conversation across di northwest Nigerian state as di sitting govnor, Abdullahi Ganduje still dey in office.

One constitutional lawyer Barrister Kola Anipini, tell BBC Pidgin tok say e no be govnor yet and no dey allowed to give orders but e dey allowed to access briefings and security reports.

“I think na why e decide to call am public advisory because if na directive dat one no get backing by law.

“E no be governor yet. Though, e dey allowed access to briefings and security reports. He fit also sit for meetings but e no fit give orders. All dis na to allow for a smooth transition.” E tok.

Barrister Kola agree wit wetin some analysts dey tok say dis fit begin to dey instil fear for di minds of some pipo for di state regarding di incoming administration.

“Dem fit interpret di release as say e dey put fear for pipo mind. E for just dey observe for now. But we dey increasingly see dis wit incoming elected officials. Dem dey try to assert themselves.”

‘”We support di govnot elect but e dey in haste”. Di lawyer add.

One Public Affairs analyst for Kano state, Faisal Zubairu, tok say even though na good move, e feel say di govnor elect for mellow down for now instead of making those comments.

“E get wetin Hausa pipo dey call ‘Riga mallam masallaci’ dat na entering di mosque before di Imam, dis no doubt na good move from di govnor elect but I feel say e for mellow and wait to assume office.”

“Personally like many Kano pipo I dey sad wit some of di public places wey private construction dey happun and na right thing to stop am for public good.”

For di last couple of years, one of di tins wey opposition parties dey use campaign for Kano state be say dem go stop any construction wey dey happun for public places.

Dem accuse goment of selling plots of land wey dey inside some schools, religious places and even graveyards to some pipo to develop.

According to wetin dem tok, di new buildings dey spoil di intended use of those places and also stop di general benefit to Kano pipo.

BBC News Pidgin contact Abba Anwar wey be tok tok pesin to govnor Ganduje to react to wetin dem tok and di public advisory wey govnor-elect release but e never respond to di messages as at di time we publish dis tori.