‘US go invest billions of dollars to expand internet access for Africa’ – Kamala Harris tell African youth

United States Vice President, Kamala Harris reveal say US govment make ready deepen economic partnership wit Africa.

For her address, she add say “US go invest billions of dollars to expand internet access on di continent.”

She make dis revelation during her address for Black Star Square today as part of her three-nation tour wey dey start for Ghana.

Digital service be de future according to Kamala Harris, wey “expanding internet go drive growth, greater access to informate and access to financial services.

“US wan build digital inclusion” she add.

Build Economic partnership wit Africa

Kamala Harris also add say US go build economic partnership wit African kontris.

“Biden and Harris administration dey ready to partner wit Africa to get fast growth” Kamala Harris tell Ghanaians.

She add say di African kontinent get special significance for her as she be di first female black Vice President of America.

Kamala Harris also tell di youth wey gather to listen to am and rest of Ghanaians say make dem “dream wit ambition and lead wit innovation.”

Three key highlights from Kamala Harris speech

US Vice President Kamala Harris dey Black Star Square


US Vice President Kamala Harris tok say despite some of di challenges wey dey face Africa like security gbege for di Sahel, drought and Economic crisis Africa still get future.

According to her we for dey intentional to make progress for three areas:

1. Empowerment of women

2. Digital inclusion

3. Youth empowerment

Empowerment of Women

Wen she tok about di issue of women empowerment, Kamala Harris tok say investment in women dey help build communities and nations.

“Wen we lift up women, we dey lift up dia children, families and society” she yarn.

Sake of dat di US for dia engagement wit Africa go focus on women empowerment.

Digital Inclusion

According to Kamala Harris, digital services be di future, wey key to dis future be di expansion of internet.

Sake of dat US dey work towards how to help African kontries expand di internet wey go drive growth, create greater access to informate den access to financial services.

To do dis, private and public sector partnerships need to release growth and opportunities wey neither public nor private sector alone go fit achieve on dia own.

Youth Empowerment

United States go work wit African goments to empower di youth.

“Di median age on for di African continent be 19. Think about wetin dis mean in terms of potential,” Kamala Harris tok.

“By 2050, one inside four pipo wey dey occupy one place on Mother Earth go come from dis continent” she add.

For di US Vice President, di future of Africa be di youth wey get potential to impact di word wit dia innovation.

She urge di youth groups wey gather say “dream wit ambition and lead wit innovation.”