Tems na di first Nigerian female to collect Grammy award? – Wetin Grammy rule tok

Di mata of who be di first female Nigerian artiste to ever win di Grammy don become hot mata of discussion for some circles for Nigeria.

As some argue say na Yemi Alade, odas declare say na Tems wey just win her first Grammy for one collabo song she do wit American musicians Future and Drake – ‘Wait For U’ for di 65th Grammy Award.

Di song win di Best Melodic Rap performance for di 2023 Grammy Awards.

Di afrobeat singer, Temilade Openiyi alias Tems don receive plenty congratulations from Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari, her colleagues plus her fans afta she receive di award and many describe her as di first female Nigerian artist to ever receive di most respected award.

Tems win her first Grammy

2023 Grammy rules and guidelines

Dis na true, as she win di award sake of di song she collabo do wit Future and Drake.

E fall within di same category wit di award wey Ayo Balogun AKA Wizkid bin win for di Best Music Video category for di 2021 award ceremony for di collabo e do wit Beyoncé “Brown Skin Girl”.

According to Grammy rule on featured artiste, Tems dey entitled to collect di statuette as she follow sing for di song.

Meanwhile for Yemi Alade, wetin she receive na Grammy certificate. Dis na becos na di album she feature in get di award no be di song.

However, apart from Tems, ogbonge artists like Sade Adu and Cynthia Erivo wey dem born for Nigeria but don become American citizens also don receive Grammy Award.

Wetin Yemi Alade win?

Singer Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade/Twitter

For 2021, Angelique Kidjo, “Mother Nature Album” win di Best Global Music Album for di 64th Grammy Awards ceremony.

For di album, di 5-time Grammy Award winner feature Yemi Alade, Burna Boy, Mr Eazi plus Sampa di Great.

According to Grammy rule, anyone wey creatively or professionally participate for a Grammy winning or Grammy nominated recording dey entitled to Grammy certificate.

Wetin Yemi Alade collect na Grammy certificate cos she dey part of di artists wey sing for di Mother Nature album.

Who dey collect Grammy Statuettes and who dey collect certificates

Tems win her first Grammy


According to di Grammy rules and guidelines, Individuals and eligible members of groups of nine or less, wey be GRAMMY nominees on a winning project go receive a GRAMMY Award statuette.

Groups of 10 or more members go receive one statuette for di entire group/ensemble. Di individual group members no be GRAMMY winners, only di group itself na di winner.

For large groups between 10 and 20 members, di Academy go provide a special certificate and pin to each member of di group.

Di certificates show say members na part of a large group on a nominated recording. For these groups of 10 to 20 members, GRAMMY tickets, go dey available to di group members even though dem no be nominees.

For large groups/ensembles/orchestras wit more dan 20 members, only di group leader dey designated as a nominee and no pins, certificates, tickets, or statuettes go dey available to di group members.

See Grammy rules on featured artiste


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To dey recognized as a GRAMMY nominee, featured artiste must dey credited as a featured artist wen dem submit di song and e must make a significant and artistic contribution to di song.

Featured artists also dey GRAMMY- eligible for Album of The Year if dem perform on more than 33% of di playing time of an album.

Featured artist also dey eligible for di genre album categories if dem perform on more dan 51% of playing time.

For performance category, featured artiste dey eligible if di owner of di song credit dem on di track/single.

If dem credit an album to one artiste and e get plenty artistes wey sing for many of di tracks , dem fit consider di album as “Various Artists” album.

Dis go depend on case-by-case basis by di Academy.