Kim Kardashian West break her silence on Kanye West bipolar disorder and ask for comapssion

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

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American Reality TV Star Kim Kardashian West don respond to her husband, Rapper Kanye West tweet with statement of her own wey she post ontop her Instagram story wia she call on pipo to show compassion to her family.

Kim post dey come afta Kanye West post tweet wey he later delete say im bin try to divorce Kim.”I bin try to divorce Kim since she meet wit Meek for Warldolf Prison reform”, Kanye tweet but im bin no give more informate and e later delete.

Inside statement wey Kim release, Kim post say those wey close to Kanye, know im heart and understand say “e words some times no dey align with im intentions”.

Kim wey also admit publicly for di first time say West get bi-polar disorder add say anybody wey get dis disease know how ‘incredibly complicated and painful e dey to understand’.

She add say she never speak about how e dey affect dem for house as she dey very protective of dia pikin dem for house.

Wetin else she tok?

Kim say although she bin never comment publicly about dis before, she get to do am now because of di stigma and misconceptions about mental health.

“Those wey understand mental illness or even compulsive behaviour know say di family dey powerless unless di member na minor. Pipo wey no know or dey far from di mata fit begin dey judge and fit no understand say di individual themselves need to engage in di process of getting help no mata how hard family and friends try”, she tok.

“Kanye na brilliant but complicated person who on top of di pressures of being an artist and a black man, wey experience di painful loss of im mama, also get to deal with pressure and isolation wey im bi-polar disorder dey worsen.”

Kim also add say living with bi-polar disorder no dey reduce Kanye dreams and im creative ideas, no mata how big pipo fit see am as dat na part of im genuis end her statement with call for di public to show di family compassion and sympathy dem need to get through dis.

See screen grabs of her statement below:

Wetin Kanye West bin tweet?

Kanye West bin post for twitter say im don dey try to divorce im wife.

“I bin try to divorce Kim since she meet wit Meek for Warldolf Prison reform,” West tweet but im no give more informate.

Inside dat same tweet, im say “Dem try to fly in with 2 doctors to 51/50 me,”

Anoda line for di tweet say, “Dis my lady tweet of di night… Kris Jong-Un.”

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