Afghanistan explosion: Mosque explosion in Afghanistan kill 30 pipo

The aftermath of the attack showing broken windows

Dis na one week afta anoda blast

More than 30 pipo don die and 90 injure afta explosion scata one Shia Mosque during Friday prayers for Afghanistan.

Pictures from inside di Bibi Fatima mosque for Kandahar city show deadbodi for ground and worshippers wey dey try help.

Di BBC don confam say na suicide bombing happun for Afghanistan.

Pipo wey bin dey di area, say na three explosions happun for di mosque, one for di man door, anoda one for wia worshippers de wash and anoda one.

Friday prayers na di busiest congregation of di week, and di building bin dey full wit worshippers at di time. At least 15 ambulance bi dey di scene afterwards, AFP journalist tok.

Taliban special forces don secure di site and dem don ask pipo to donate blood to help di victims, Reuters reports.

No group don tok say na dem carry out di attack, but BBC Afghanistan correspondent Secunder Kermani say IS-K, one local branch of di Islamic State Group, dey expected to tok say na dem dey behind di blasts.

Last Friday, one suicide attack for another Shia mosque during Friday prayers for di northern city of Kunduz kille at least 50 pipo. IS-K say na dem carry out di attack, wey be di deadliest since US forces comot for di end of August.

IS-K na Sunni Muslim group wey be di most vilent of a;; di jihadist militant groups for Afghanistan.

Sunni Muslim extremists don dey target Shia Muslims wey dem see as unbelieves.

IS-K don target Afghan security forces, Afghan pooliticians and ministeries and di Taliban.

Dem don also face religious minorities like di Shia Muslims and Sikhs, US and Nato forces, and international agencies, including aid organisations.

Di Taliban bin take control of Afghanistan afta foreign forces bin comot di kontri by di end of August on top deal wey dem follow US gree.

Na twenty years afta Amerca forces bin comot di militants from power for 2001.