5G Network & Coronavirus tips: See wetin you suppose sabi


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5G network – wey be di big brother to 4G – fit get hand for di Covid-19 palava wey dey worry almost every kontri for di world now?

Dis na di kweshion wey some dey ask and wey odas believe say dem get answers to.

For UK, some pipo don burn telecom masts for Birmingham on Thursday and Merseyside on Friday.

Na dis make UK goment on Friday, 3 April tok comot reply say true-true di rumour don enta di kontri but say evidence no dey say 5G network fit cause Covid-19.

Even for Africa, di mata don make pipo worry well-well: From South Africa, to Kenya to Nigeria. Social media full for how dia goments need to stop 5G becos e dey bad for pipo health.

Some Nigerian politicians sef don ask di federal goment to block 5G not to enta di kontri.

And when one popular religious leader put mouth for di mata, di rumour come tie wrapper.

E say no be just for coronavirus, but say 5G na part of how some underground powers for di world want take control all human being.

No license to operate 5G inside Nigeria, di federal goment tok on Saturday 4 April.

5G Network dey Coronavirus?

While we no sabi anytin about underground powers, we know say di global joinbodi for health, WHO, don already tok if 5G dey cause coronavirus, and di answer na ‘No’.

WHO – di World Health Organisation say dem don dey do research come tey tey – becos no be today dis kain rumour don comot, as pipo carry am during 4G introduction – and wetin dem see be say di radiation from 5G no reach to cause illness.

Di Nigeria Communications Commission don already tok, as far back as 2012 say telecom networks dem no fit cause human being to carry sickness, and say even base stations (mast) dey safe to live near if dem build am correctly.

E dey important to realise say no be today pipo don dey fear say mobile phone network fit cause health wahala, from di time wen 3G comot, to 4G and now 5G.

And until goments across di world tanda gidigba to put policy down wey go discourage spreading of di rumour – like di fine wey UK goment wan sama any station wey allow 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory – e be like say dis kain rumours go dey comot everytime.

Currently, no drugs dey wey fit cha cha prevent di coronavirus alias COVID-19, and even sef no vaccine. As di virus don waka across di world touch pass one million pipo, scientists dey work at breakneck speed to identify ways to slow or stop di disease.

Nigeria goment rubbish di 5G network vs Covid-19 tok

Nigeria minister of communication and digital economy Isa Ali Pantami don rubbish toks wey claim say 5G mobile technology fit cause coronavirus.

For statement wey di ministry release online Saturday evening, di minister confam say no license don dey issued to any operation for di use of di technology in Nigeria.

Oga Pantami say im department dey wait for report of one three-month study wey dem do for November ontop dis 5G mata.

Im say “our desire for technological progress no go dey at di expense of di health and welfare of our citizens”.

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Coronavirus tips: How to self-isolate to prevent di spread of Covid-19
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How dis Virus dey spread

  • According to di World health Organization, dis new coronavirus na respiratory virus wey dey spread mainly through contact with infected pesin through discharge wey come out from di pesin. For example, coughs or sneezes, or through droplet of saliva or discharge from di nose.
  • Coronaviruses na zoonotic, meaning say na from animals na im humans dey contact di virus.
  • Pipo wey dey live or travel go area wia di CODVID-19 virus start (Hubei, China) fit dey for risk of infection. Those wey dey infected from oda kontries dey among pipo wey recently travel from China or wey don dey live or work closely wit those travellers, like family members, co-workers or medical professionals wey dey care for patient before dem know say di patient dey infected with di virus.

Who dey for more risk?

  • Older pipo plus those wey bin get medical conditions before (like diabetes and heart disease) dey for more risk to dey seriously sick with di virus, according to WHO.
  • Health workers wey dey care for pesin wey dey sick with COVID-19 disease dey for higher risk and must protect demsef with di correct infection prevention and control procedures.