Covid-19: Wuhan dey celebrate lockdown anniversary

Wuhan covid exhibition

Exhibition dey celebrate Wuhan say dem control di outbreak

Exactly one year don pass wey Wuhan, di city wey dem believe be di first place dem first confam di coronavirus don do lockdown.

And di city dey celebrate di anniversary.

Last year Wuhan bin lockdown im 11 million citizens to stay for house for 76 days as di authorities and China goment bin dey deal wit di spread of infections.

Wuhan don recover from di Covid-19 outbreak as for dat side, dem dey rememba di mata like victory, and dem come dey claim say di virus come from somewhere – anywhere – but Wuhan.


Wuhan Institute of Virology

Now though, she has offered her own thoughts on how the initial outbreak may have begun in the city.

E possible say di outbreak of di infection wey almost scata Wuhan health system, wey make dem do di world first Covid lockdown and out di whole world on pause fit don come ontop food wey dem import wit no sign say infection dey happen for dat side?

But as dem don manage di virus, di idea say di virus bin come from outside dey very strong for di mind of pipo wey dey for Wuhan.

fishmonger for wuhan

“Di virus come from America,” na wetin dis fishmonger tell BBC


On 23 January last year, Chinese authorities bin cut transport out of Wuhan and force di city population to tanda for dia houses.

Di lockdown bin dey around di same time as di yearly spring festival celebrations and but e dey too late to stop di worldwide spread of di disease – five million pipo bin don already carry waka comot from di city sake of di holiday.

Nobodi bin listen to warnings from doctors sotay pipo dey drag China for di internet, and world pipo accuse di authorities of cover up.

As one year don pass, e come be like say nothing shele for Wuhan. No lockdown, no nothing, in fact dem don return to normal life – traffic jams, busy markets and restaurants.

wuhan street

Wuhan’s streets dey back to normal

Di success say dem bring di virus under control nasomething wey dem come dey celebrate wit giant exhibition hall, wey get models of medical workers for hazmat suits, installations of hospital beds and – everywhere you carry eye look – giant portraits of President Xi Jinping.

pic of xi jinping at exhibition in wuhan

Wuhan’s exhibition features giant portraits of Xi Jinping


Even as China promise international cooperation, nobodi for di world still no get di answer to di biggest question – wia di virus come from?

Many ogbonge scientists believe say – based on past outbreaks – di place wey e be like say coronavirus come from na natural one, na “zoonotic” jump from bats – wey dem know say get dis kain viruses – to human beings, e possible say intermediate species get hand join inside.

But China don show very little evidence to show di work wey dem don do to find di source of di virus and wen e start to dey spread.

Even di scientists wey argue say e possible say accident shele for di Wuhan Institute of Virology also gats dey part of di investigation.


As tins be now, afta months of delay wit China ontop access, a World Health Organisation team don show for Wuhan to start dey shine torchlight ontop how di virus take start.