Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Samsung S21 series new phones – Five tins you suppose know

Samsung unveil dia new phone brand wey dem call Samsung S21 for dia Unpacked 2021 event on Thursday.

Normally, dem dey release dia product on February but toribe say dem do quick to launch so e go align with di Consumer Technology Association yearly tech show wey start on 11 January.

For di Unpacked 2021, Samsung launch three phones under di S21 series wey include Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra.

Five tins abut di Samsung Galaxy S21 series

Price point

Dem go start to sell di S21 Ultra from $1,571 wen e enta market. Although cheaper uptions dey if dat one pass you.

Di S21 Plus go sell for $1000 while di S21 dey go for $800.

When e go come out

Afta di launch for 14 January, dem announce say si phones dem go start to dey enta market from di 29 of January, 2021.

Dis na as dem no introduce no new Note range and say dem neva make any decision about weda dem go scrap am.

New accessories

Di Samsung Galaxy S21 fit use stylus wey Samsung call di S Pen, dis na pen like device wey you fit use take operate di phone.

Dis na di first time dem go use stylus for di Galaxy S series but ee dey optional and na extra money to buy am ($47 by imself and $116 with di jacket wey come with am).

Wetin di cameras fit do

Di new series dey come with three camera for back (ultra-wide, wide and 3x-zoom telephoto).

However di S21 Ultra get anoda 10x-zoom telephoto lens wey fit allow users shoot wetin dey far.

All di phones fit shoot for 8k wey be two times di resolution of di iPhone 12 brand.

Also dem come with Director’s View wey mean say as you dey record something, you go see how oda lenses for di phone go record am.

Wetin happen to di charger and earpiece

However e be like Samsung copy Apple dis year as dem refuse to sell di phones with charger or earpiece.

Dis na sometin wey dem don use yab apple before. But dem get smart earbuds wey fit reduce di volume of music wey you dey hear automatically if e detect say you de follow pesin tok.