Bone straight hair: How much “Bone Straight Hair” wig be? Prices for Nigeria plus evritin to sabi about dis human hair

Bone straight hair wig, na one of di latest hair trends wey don catch fire in recent week for Nigeria.

Celebs and slay queens, dey use di hair to rock for social media sotey [Bone Straight Hair] e become part of Christmas trends.

Nigerian singer Tenimakanaki na di latest celeb to join di trend.

She post foto of herself wia she rock di hair for social media. She caption di post ” SUGARMUMMY ,”

“Bone Straight Hair” – Wetin e be?

Bone straight na thin straight hair wig wey dey very sleek. Tori be say dis type of hair dey feel raw and e dey knotted all-through.

E dey come in different lengths from eight inches – to as long as 30 inches or even more sef.

“Funny enough bone straight human hairs don dey around since no be say e just come out now, na wetin one hair dealer wey no want make wey call im name tell BBC.”

“But like fashion every style, get im season..” na wetin im add put

See eviritin you need to know about dis human hair wig.

How much bone straight hair dey cost for Nigeria?

Di prices of dis type of hair for Nigeria get range depending on di type, length and gram wey you want

E fit cost you between N60,000 to N300,000 and above.

Types of [Bone Straight Hair]

Single Drawn [Bone Straight Hair]: Dis one get different lengths of hair wey dem mix inside di extensions.

Dis type of hair dey look very thick for di top, go reduce for middle while di end dey thin. E dey cheaper than the remaining types of bone straight hair.

Double Drawn [Bone Straight Hair]: Dis hair dey usually get di same length. Dis one mean say e dey thick and full for di top middle and bottom. But, e dey more expensive pass di single drawn type.

Super Double Drawn [Bone Straight Hair]: Dis na di thickest hair. It get lets say 85-90% amount of hair strands wey dey di same length.

If you wear double drawn type of hair, e dey like your natural hair because of how e be. Dis na di baba for bone straight hair and e fine pass di remaining types. And tori be say e cost pass all of dem.

Where you fit buy [Bone Straight Hair] for Nigeria?

You fit buy di wig from any human hair vendor wey dem am from suppliers mainly Asia. From China, Vietnam and odas but for Nigeria presently, di most durable dey come from Vietnam

One of di reason most girls dey go gaga for di hair na because of di price tag. Depending on di length wey pesin get e no really dey cheap compared to di oda hair dem.