Boko Haram attack: Borno farmers ‘massacre’ survivor narrate how militants slaughter pipo for Koshebe

44 year old Muhammad Sani na one of di survivors of Saturday boko haram attacks wey kill over 30 farmers and e tell BBC say dis na di first time wey e go watch as dem dey slaughter pesin and to sleep for night dey hard am.

Unlike do odas wey die for di attack, Muhammad no be farmer but fisherman wey comot to go fish for Koshebe town river with im friend and e yan say dem no know wetin dey await dem as dem comot in di morning.

“Apart from ram and chicken I neva witness any oda slaughtering until Saturday when dem slaughter pesin for my front and I stand dey watch, to sleep still dey hard me based on wetin I see.”

Muhammad say dem don already catch many fishes and dey make dia way to Koshebe town wen dem see men with guns for dia front.

“Dem ask us say from wia, we say we be fishermen and we dey go Koshebe, dem come ask us weda we get pots and we say no, na im dem say make we lead dem to wia dem go get.”

“Dem collect all our fishes come carry us go one big room wia we meet many oda pipo, we be over 50 in number, I recognise many wey be farmers from Zabarmari town.”

“Dem tell us say di reason dem pack us come na because some of us dey give Nigerian Army information about dia whereabouts and we must pay.”

Muhammad say with all dia hands and legs tied up, di next tin, dem start to cary pipo one by one to go kill and wen one man turn come dey argue with dem, dem kill am inside di room.

“So for all di oda ones, dem carry outside to go slaughter dem but dis particular man argue with dem and e pain dem wey make dem slaughter am in front of everybody, I still dey see how e take happun.”

On how dem take escape, Muhammad say na release Boko Haram release some of dem to go explain wetin happun to dia town pipo and e dey lucky to dey among.

“As we remain 13 inside di room, dia oga come yan say una wey remain we no go kill una, make una go explain wetin happun to una pipo if una like tell Nigerian Army wia we dey, we dey wait for dem.”

Finally Muhammad say e don abandon fishing for life because of wetin happun and go tink of wetin to do next wey no get dat kain risk.

“I dey very lucky to dey alive, I still dey see faces of pipo wey dem slaughter, I don abandon fishing for life, I go find anoda tin to do.” E tok.

Borno state Govnor Babagana Zulum on Sunday attend di burial of di oda victims wey die for Koshebe, plantation area.

E tell BBC Pidgin say e count 34 dead bodies, but di figures fit pass so as dem still dey find oda bodies of pipo wey die.

Many of di farmers wey die ome from Zabarmari, wey be anoda neighbour town and normally farmers go spend two to three days for Koshebe town to farm before dem return to dia house.