Rev Obofuor: Ghana Pastor to married men ‘Save your side chick phone number as ‘IGP,’ ‘cement owner,’ and ‘land guard’ so say your wife no go catch you cheating’

Rev Obofuor


Sermon by popular Ghanaian pastor who advise married men say dem for be smart in hiding side chicks from dema wives stir controversy.

De founder den leader of Anointed Palace Chapel (APC) affectionately called, Rev Obofuor during one wedding ceremony use en platform advise husbands who dey cheat sau dem for use names like land guard, IGP, protocol as names of dema side chicks so say dem no go be exposed.

He explain say a wise husband who dey cheat on en wife for be smart so say she no go catch am.

According Rev Obofuor, “when you have another girlfriend, you for save her name as ‘cement owner’, if her name be Linda, save am as ‘land guard’.”

“If her name be Portia, you go fit save am ‘protocol’. Wey if her name be Anita, you save am ‘IGP’,” he add.

De Anointed Palace Chapel head pastor talk dis tins one groom who dey marry for church, de comments spark social conversation about why man of God dey support unfaithfulness in marriage instead of say he go condemn den tins.