Dewy Oputa: Charly Boy lesbian daughter blast Area Fada say im pursue her comot for house afta she tell am say she be lesbian

Charly Boy daughter, Dewy Oputa don blast her papa afta im tell world pipo say im dey grateful to get daughter wey be lesbian.

Dewy say her papa bin pursue her comot for house for 2017 afta she tell am say she be gay. She bin manage run go Atlanta, US wit no hope for food or wia to live.

She believe say her papa just dey use her chase clout and collect praise from strangers.

Charly Boy no deny any of dis accuse from im daughter as im tell BBC Pidgin say im don repent now.

“I don repent, I no understand di tin before and I no dey pretend say I do

Wen BBC Pidgin ask Charly Boy weda im daughter response make am feel bad, im say, “She be young pesin, no be evritin wey pikin tok dem mean, I know my pikin. Our relationship dey good now, I just follow her tok today”.

Earlier today, Charly Boy AKA Area Fada wey be ogbonge Nigerian entertainer and activist bin share long post for social media say im bin go through plenti emotions wen im last daughter, Dewy Oputa bin reveal to am four years ago say she be lesbian.

“Wen my pikin tell me say she be gay, lesbian, I bin experience different-different emotions during di phone tok.

“Plenti tins just dey go through my mind including blaming myself…worry…and religious confusion weda my pikin go go hell fire forever”, Charly Boy tok.

According to di entertainer wey dey call imsef ‘Area Fada’, im bin dey ginger for gay rights some months before im daughter give am dis informate.

Afta some period of confusion and different emotions, Charly Boy reveal say now, nothing fit come between am and any of im pikin.

Inside di long post wey Charly Boy share give parents only, im explain say parents owe dia pikin ‘unconditional love’ and say e dey stupid to tink say gay pikin mean say di papa and mama don fail for dia work.